Why Screen Protectors are Useless Nowadays

useless screen protectorsScreen protectors may seem to be very important on your smartphone but that is not the case. The plastic covering your screen is no more than a decoration. Your screen won’t be any worse without it. Screen protectors were once very important on smartphones.

At that time, screen technology on smartphones was still new and had poor durability. Today, the story is different. You may only need a screen protector if you are using one of the old smartphones.

Today, smartphones as cheap as $80 come with decent screens that are durable. Of course the screens are not non-destructible but they have a good degree of resistance to scratches. Paying $10 to protect your smartphone screen is stupid.

Scratch Resistance

Most smartphones today use Gorilla Glass. The company making Gorilla Glasses has greatly improved in its technology. Most glasses used on smartphones are scratch resistant. A scratch-resistant screen can withstand scratches from most of the common objects.

In the past, putting your keys and phone in the same pocket was a big deal but today, you don’t have to worry about it. Objects like keys, coins, and pins that may be in your pocket will do no harm to the screen of your phone.

Very few objects can scratch smartphone screens of today. If you are using a phone that has a gorilla glass 3 upwards, you don’t need a screen protector. Many people have tried scratching smartphone screens on YouTube and only very hard objects left scratch marks. If you normally buy a screen protector to guard your screen against scratches, it is time you stop.

Grease Marks

Fingerprint marks on the screen make most people buy a screen protector. To solve the problem of fingerprint marks appearing on your screen, buy a microfiber cloth. This small piece of cloth wipes your screen to make it look as clean as new.

A screen protector will not end the fingerprints. It will only keep them from your screen but you will have to wipe it. In addition, modern screens have a coating that minimizes the formation of fingerprint marks on your phone.

The coating also makes wiping the screen easier. Unlike the old days where you would have to press the screen so hard while wiping to remove the fingerprint marks, today you only have to wipe gently for the marks to disappear.

Phone Beauty

While some phones still look good when they have a screen guard, other look terrible. If you love sleek phones, you will want the phone to be as slim as possible. Adding a screen guard makes it look thicker and ugly.

Every phone has its own specific screen protector that matches its screen. However, it is not rare to find people who put a screen protector that does not match their screen on their phone. It ends up making the phone appear very ugly.

Screen protectors are prone to scratches and cracking. In fact, they crack more easily than the original screen of the phone. In the end, they make your phone appear ugly. Other time while fitting the screen protectors on your phone, air bubbles get between the screen and the screen protector.

The screen looks bad with those air bubbles. You either buy another screen protector or have to live with the ugly air bubbles. The air bubbles on your screen protector come when you fit your screen guard unevenly.

Saving Money

Spending anywhere between $6 and $10 on a screen protector every few months is a waste of money. Instead, get yourself a pack of screen wipes that will keep your screen glowing daily for more than a year.

How to Protect your Screen for Long

The screen of your smartphone is already durable. There is nothing much for you to do to make it more durable. All you can do is keep it well for it to last longer. As much as it will resist most scratches, over time, it will wear out.

To keep your screen looking good, try to always put down your phone with the screen facing upwards. Small sand particles on surfaces may cause scratches on your screen if it is exposed to them for long.

Have specific places where you keep your phone. In your car, put it on the phone holder, in your house put it at a specific place. Doing this will help you avoid accidentally damaging your phone screen. Many people sit on their phones and accidentally push them off the table because they didn’t expect the phone to be there.


If you were planning to buy a screen protector, think again. Why waste your money? If you already have one, remove it now and enjoy your beautiful screen. Screen protectors are unnecessary with the current smartphones.