Why Does the Battery of my Phone Die so Fast?

It is surprising when your phone’s battery drains so fast. You find yourself charging your phone more than twice within 24 hours. Normally, charging once per day is enough for most smartphones.

It is rare to need to charge a phone two times or more within a day. If you do, certainly, there is a problem. The causes of battery drainage are common. They are so common that you may be affected by most of them.

The good thing is that habits that cause your battery to drain fast can be avoided. If you have an issue of fast battery drainage on your smartphone, chances are you are practicing one of the following bad habits.

You can easily elongate the lifespan of your smartphone’s battery by changing some of your habits. A little change can save you a lot of frustration and money. So, what makes batteries in phones drain so fast?

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Too Many Background Apps

Unknown to many people, a smartphone runs some apps continuously unless it is switched off. Some apps such as the clock must keep running in the background. If you have too many apps running in the background, they will drain your battery fast.

If all of a sudden your phone’s battery drains fast, check how many background apps are running. Disable them or simply download an app that disables background apps for you.

Using 4G internet connection

When you switch on your smartphone’s data connection, battery consumption goes up significantly. The battery will drain even faster if you are using a 4G connection.

It takes a lot of power from your battery to keep your phone connected to the 4G network. At the same time, if you are browsing the internet or chatting, the app is also using up your battery.

In the end, the battery may last half of the time it would if you were not using it heavily. Most modern smartphones regulate internet connection and you will often get a notification that your internet connection is using up too much power.

Bright Screen

The screen of a smartphone is the single component in your phone that uses up the most battery power. The screen is always on every time you use your phone.

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The screen will use up more of your battery if the brightness level is high. To give your battery a chance to last a day, keep the screen brightness as low as possible. In addition, use as many dark colors on your screen as possible.

If an app has dark mode, use it. It is good for your eyes and it will keep your battery from draining fast.

Aging Battery

Smartphone batteries are not meant to last forever. After some time, they start dying off. One of the signs that your battery is aging is that it drains fast. If your phone is over one year old, chances are that the battery is draining fast due to aging.

Little can be done about an aging battery. Replacing it is your best option. If you don’t want to replace it, you can sell your phone.

Small Battery Capacity

Again, this is a problem that only the manufacturer can solve but it contributes to a phone’s battery draining fast. If your phone is new yet the battery is draining fast, most likely, this is the problem.

Manufacturers often balance the functions of the phone with the battery capacity. However, sometimes they go wrong. They end up making a phone that uses so much power but has a small battery to supply it.

If small battery capacity is the problem, you will hear many customers who own the same phone complain of its battery. Samsung has been a victim of this issue for a long time.


In some cases, several of the above factors may be draining your battery. Analyze them to find a solution to your fast-draining battery. If you wish to sell your phone or trade in with someone, visit bankmycell.com