When Should You Buy A New Phone?

when to buy a new phoneIn this article, we will answer a number of frequently asked questions about buying new phones.

Should I get a New Phone?

No. Do you really need a new phone? Must you spend that money on a new phone? I don’t think so. Are you sure you are not suffering from the shiny object syndrome? Here are the characteristics of the shiny objects syndrome.

  • You want to buy a new phone because you saw someone with a better phone than yours.
  • You recently read the specs of a new phone and they impressed you so want to buy it.
  • Your phone manufacturer released an upgraded version of your phone and you feel you should buy it.
  • You feel a certain feature on your phone is outdated and you need a phone with a better feature.

If your decision to buy a new phone sprung up recently, don’t rush to buy a new home. You may be having false hope. Imagine you have a phone that has no LED notification light but you really want it.

Then, you rush to buy a phone that has an LED notification light. Later on, you realize the phone you bought does not support double tap to wake screen unlike your previous phone, which supported it. You end up frustrated just as you were before.

The 21 days challenge before buying a new phone.

For you to stay safe, never make any haste decision to buy a new phone. If you recently felt you needed a new phone, wait for 21 days. If the desire to get a new phone is still there, then that is a genuine need.

Go ahead and buy a new phone. Waiting for 21 days also prepares your mind for the change. You won’t have the feeling of ‘wasting money’ which you get whenever you make haste decisions.

While you are waiting for 21 days, you may find something more important to do with your money than spend it on buying a new phone. When it comes to spending money, prioritize items that add value to your life rather than items that make you feel good.

Buying a phone with a 4k screen will only make you feel good, but buying a phone with a 4k screen to do forex trading efficiently adds value.

People also ask, should I upgrade my phone now or wait? The answer is, wait for 21 days. Impatience will only leave you worse than you are right now. The fear of ‘the phone I want may be out of stock by then’ must not rule you.

If you find the phone is out of stock, it means the phone was never meant for you. Accept and move on. Better phones will always be there.

How often should I buy a new phone?

Replace your phone after 18 months. On average, people replace phones between their 15th and 21st month of use. At this time, the following possibilities cause you to buy a new phone.

  • Your phone needs frequent charging because its battery is weak.
  • Cameras start taking blurred photographs because the camera lens is dirty.
  • Other phones have too many cracks having been dropped many times.
  • There is new technology that makes your current phone seem so outdated.
  • Most of your friends have upgraded and you feel left behind.
  • You cannot run some new apps because of compatibility issues.
  • Your phone warranty expired long time ago.

Manufacturers never make phones to last forever. They need you to keep going back for a new phone after a year or two. Therefore, they intentionally make their phones to ‘die’ after sometime. That’s just how business is.

Shuold I repair or replace my phone with a new one?

Replace it. A phone has a lifespan. Once it starts showing ‘signs of the end’, don’t bother fixing it. You will only waste your precious money. Here are some signs to let you know you need a new phone:

  • If you have stayed with your current phone for more than a year, never mind replacing it when it gives you trouble.
  • If you are out of your warranty, don’t try to repair your phone. You may end up spending double the price of your phone.
  • If you are not sure what is spoilt on your phone, don’t dare take it for repair.
  • If the problem you are seeing on your phone is not common to other users of the same phone, you should not rush to repair it. You may pay hundreds of dollars to repair a problem worth 2 dollars.

In most cases, people rush to fix their phones hoping to avoid the expense of buying a new phone. What they do not know is some of the problems are intentional.

A company builds a phone with awesome features and they sell it much cheaper than its rivals. When you buy it, it keeps on spoiling as the manufacturer profits from selling you spare parts. That is why it is important to repair a phone using its warranty.

Buying a new phone will obviously cost you more than repairing it, but it saves you the risk of making the problem worse.

When should I replace my cell phone battery?

Replace your phone battery the moment you feel you are spending too much time charging it and using it only for a short while. The alternative to replacing your battery is to buy a powerbank.

But since most mobile phones nowadays come with a non-removable battery, it is risky to change it. You may end up spoiling your entire phone in the process of changing your battery. You better sell your phone on Ebay and buy a new one.

When should I get a new phone case?

Buy a new phone case when the old case is scratched and has a bad look. The phone case mainly protects your phone and makes it look beautiful. There is no need to walk around with an ugly phone when a phone case is cheap.

Should I buy a brand new phone or a refurbished one?

Buy a brand new phone. Try as much as you can to get a brand new phone. You will save yourself a lot of trouble. But if you are a risk taker or you want a high-end phone on a small budget, refurbished phones are a great deal.

However, you must pay attention to one golden rule of buying refurbished phones, the refurbished phone you buy must have a manufacturer’s warranty. Don’t confuse a manufacturer’s warranty with a sellers warranty.

Law number 40 in the book ‘The 48 Laws of Power’ by Robert Greene says ‘despise the free lunch’. It is often wise to pay the full price. Buying a brand new phone is less risky compared to getting a refurbished phone. Buying a new phone is an expensive decision, but a wise one too.

What are refurbished phones?

Refurbished phones are those that customers return to a manufacturer because they are spoiled or they want to exchange them for new ones. The manufacturer repairs such phones and then sells them as refurbished phones. They are often tested to ensure they work properly before re-selling them.

What is the difference between a refurbished phone and a second-hand phone?

A refurbished phone is as good as new because the manufacturer replaces old/spoiled parts with new ones. It is hard to distinguish between refurbished phones and new phones. Used phones have old parts and their look is also old. Sellers sell used phones without repairing anything.

Where can I buy refurbished phones?

The best and most trusted seller is Amazon refurbished phones below. You will get a warranty and free returns in case your refurbished phone has problems. You may get other trusted sellers of refurbished phones, but make sure you read reviews from people who have bought there before to be sure about their warranty.

Where do I buy Used phones?

The most famous seller of used phones is Ebay. Millions of people who think of selling their phones go to ebay. Actually, you can sell any of your second hand items on Ebay. Ebay uses a bid system, which may confuse beginners but you will easily learn it.

Buying used phones is a big risk because you are not sure if the phone you are buying works well. A seller may claim anything just to get you to buy their phone. If you have enough money, avoid buying used phones. Just buy a brand new phone.

 Buying a new phone should never trouble you. Whether you want a brand new phone, a refurbished phone or a used phone, your main aim is to find satisfaction in your choice. Avoiding shortcuts is the golden rule here. Do not be afraid to spend money to get quality phones.

In the end, the expensive option is always the most rewarding. Have you ever been a victim of buying fake phones or trying to repair a phone that never worked? I would like to hear from you.


You may have contrary opinion about when to get a new phone. That is okay. But remember everyone has an opinion. Go your way. Do not let other people’s opinions hinder you from doing what you want.

As long as you find fulfillment, everything else is crap. If you want to sell a phone or you are a seller, just do the right thing.