Whatsapp is Available on These Four Keypad Phones

If you are a fan of keypad phones or feature phones and you want to access Whatsapp, there is good news for you. With any of these four keypad phones, you can access Whatsapp and chat with your friends.

Some people call these keypad phones dumb phones. What are these keypad phones or dumb phones? These are the old small phones that have a small screen and buttons. These are the phones that existed before smartphones came.

The legend of the feature phones was the Nokia 3310. It was the iPhone of the early 2000’s. Unfortunately, technology evolved and the Nokia feature phone was left behind. It didn’t add on the new features that came about.

Tired of Smartphones?

Having used smartphones for some time, people get tired of the many applications and advertisements. Most of the time there is an alert on the phone, which may turn out to be a big distraction to your work.

If you want a phone that you can use just for making calls and sending text messages, you will obviously buy a keypad phone. However, most keypad phones do not have some essential applications.

One of the most important applications on a phone right now is Whatsapp. For many years, feature phones did not have Whatsapp but that has changed. Several feature phones now support Whatsapp.

Apart from supporting Whatsapp, some of these feature phones have 4G internet connection, Wi-Fi hotspot and can be used as tethering devices. All these goodies at a very cheap price.

Additional Features

Apart from being minimalist phones, they have other features like cameras and browsers. These keypad phones will do most of what your smartphone does only that they are small and very light.

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The batteries in these feature phones last significantly longer than those in smartphones though they are relatively smaller. With these dumb phones, you will be charging once every two days or longer if you don’t use the phone frequently.

One of the feature phones can actually last for 25 days on standby! Others last for over two weeks on standby. If you want to have peace during your vacation or you just hate being bombarded by alerts from your phone all the time, feature phones are the best for you.

Feature Phones that Support Whatsapp, Wi-Fi & 4G

Currently, few keypad phones support Whatsapp. The first feature phone to have Whatsapp was the JioPhone in 2018.


JioPhone is an Indian feature phone. If you live in India or one of the Asian countries, JioPhone is the best dumb phone with Whatsapp that you can buy. Currently, JioPhone 2 is out and it supports Whatsapp too.

Nokia 8110

Initially, when Nokia released the 8110, it did not support Whatsapp. But currently it does. Most versions of this Nokia support Wi-Fi, 4G and tethering and other smartphone software.

It has a few interesting features like the keypad cover flip that also ends calls. If you have used the old Nokia 8110, you know what that means, the banana phone. Buy from Amazon

Cat B35

Cat B35 feature phone is one of the best feature phones you can buy. Apart from just being a feature phone that supports Whatsapp, it is durable. If you stay in a harsh environment or just want a phone that will last for long, this is the feature phone to buy.

However, it is slightly more expensive than the other keypad phones. Unless you really want to buy a feature phone, you can opt for a decent smartphone with the same amount of money.

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Doro 7060

If you are reading this article from a European country, the best feature phone that supports Whatsapp that you can buy is this Doro 7060. It is simple just as you would expect a feature phone to be.

Unlike the other feature phones listed, this Doro 7060 is a flip phone. It is one of the few flip phones if not the only one that supports Whatsapp. It also has 4G connection and unlocked for international use.

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Whatsapp is available on feature phones thanks to Kai Operating system. This is a special operating system that enables keypad phones run smartphone apps. What are you waiting for? Dump that smartphone and enjoy Whatsapp on a simple keypad phone.