Whatsapp is a Waste of Time: True or False?

Whatsapp is widely used by millions of people around the world. And just like other social media apps, Whatsapp has controversies surrounding it. To some people, it is one of the best communication apps of this era. To others, it is a time wasting machine like no other.

Who is right between these two groups of people? Whom should you believe? Today, we want to know exactly if Whatsapp is worth our time. Time is of much value and using it on anything that does not make our lives better is not worth it.

Does Whatsapp Waste our Productive Time?

Many times people have lamented how smartphones waste our productive time. People spend a lot of time scrolling their phones instead of doing productive work.

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Whatsapp is just an app on smartphones. However, unlike most apps, Whatsapp takes up the biggest share of time that people spend scrolling their smartphones. Developers of Whatsapp have made it enticing such that once you are glued to it, not even a bulldozer can pull you away.

To be honest, Whatsapp does use up a lot of our time. About 80% of the time we use our phones, we are on Whatsapp. We respond to most incoming messages, stare at people’s profile pictures (especially crushes), check how many people have viewed our status updates, engage in group politics, waste time criticizing other people’s status updates in our heads and many other unfruitful actions.

People complain of alcoholism and drug abuse being time wasters. It is surprising how no one is bothered about Whatsapp. Viewing one status update of one of your contacts takes approximately 15 seconds.

On a normal day, how many 15 seconds do you spend on checking out other people’s status. To make it worse, after checking the Whatsapp status, do you feel any better? How much more can you do within the cumulative time you spend on Whatsapp?

Is Time Spent on Whatsapp Worth it?

On the flip side, Whatsapp is not as bad as we may imagine. How many people close business deals entirely on Whatsapp? How many people get counseling on Whatsapp daily?

How many preachers share the word of God and encourage many souls on Whatsapp? How many relationships that end up in marriage begin with a Whatsapp chat? How many people get important communication about school, work and gym on Whatsapp?

Considering these and many other activities that happen on Whatsapp, you quickly realize, the time spend on Whatsapp may not be a waste after all. So much good can be done on Whatsapp. You know just how many times Whatsapp has been of help to you.

Time spent on Whatsapp is not necessarily wasted. But again we cannot rule out the possibility of Whatsapp wasting our productive time. Therefore, where does Whatsapp stand in terms of using up our time?

The Real Situation with Whatsapp

No one can claim that Whatsapp wastes his time. What happens is that people use Whatsapp to waste their time. Before Whatsapp came about, people were wasting their time playing video games, storytelling and other activities.

Most people today prefer to waste their time on Whatsapp and blame the app for their woes. The problem of time wasting is individual. In short, everyone chooses how to waste his time. It just so happens that most people choose to waste their time on Whatsapp.

With this knowledge, you can now be sure if Whatsapp is removed, you will still find another way to waste your time.

Despite Whatsapp being around, some people don’t waste their time on it. Therefore, don’t blame your time wasting habits on Whatsapp or any other app.

How to Spend Less Time on Whatsapp

Now that we know the problem, how best can we avoid it. This paragraph is only for people who feel that they are wasting time on Whatsapp. If you are okay with how much time you spend on Whatsapp, you are welcome to skip.

Spending less time on Whatsapp can be achieved. You only need to understand a certain concept and you will be good to go. The first easy step you can take is to minimize the uses of Whatsapp. Here are a few ways in which you can minimize Whatsapp usage.

  1. Leave Unnecessary Groups

You don’t have to be in all the groups. Leave as many groups as you can. Minimize the number of text messages coming in. With fewer notifications, you will have made a huge step towards recovering from Whatsapp addiction.

  1. Block Noisemakers

Block all the contacts who forward messages of ‘how to make $2500 a day on Whatsapp’ and those who say if you forward their message a miracle will happen to you within 24 hours.

Such useless messages often draw us to Whatsapp but then instead of just discarding them, we end up checking people’s status updates. We spend an extra five minutes on the app because of one notification.

  1. Avoid Seeing Whatsapp Statuses

Viewing Whatsapp statuses takes a lot of time. In the article ‘How to Stop Seeing Whatsapp Status on your Phone’, you can learn how to stop seeing Whatsapp status using a simple trick. In the same manner, avoid posting Whatsapp status yourself.

It takes time to research and find memes that people will like. Take care of your time. Don’t burn your time to make others laugh at memes.

  1. Hide your Last Seen and Profile Picture

By hiding your last seen and profile picture, you discourage many idle people from texting you. Most idle people text you if they know you are online. By hiding your last seen, you can also delay responding to text messages and your friends won’t accuse you of ignoring them.

 The Best Way to Stop Wasting Time on Whatsapp

If the above steps do not work for you, here is the best thing you can do to stop wasting time on Whatsapp. By far, this is the best way to combat Whatsapp addiction. And because it is very effective, getting it right takes a lot of work.

We waste time on Whatsapp because we don’t have important things to do. In other cases, we don’t value what we do. If you hate sitting in class, you will definitely feel the urge to check your Whatsapp while in class.

Therefore, the permanent way to solve Whatsapp addiction is by doing what you love. The moment you are fixed on what you love, be it cycling, cooking, writing, painting etc, you will barely think about Whatsapp.

The constant urge to check who is online and who has viewed your status will vanish. It is hard to get to this point but definitely worth it.