Whatsapp Group Rules for School Groups

school whatsapp groupsA Whatsapp group just as a classroom needs rules. As much as people have freedom, limits do exist. Rules are there to ensure the good of everyone. Setting the rules is a challenge especially if you are the admin.

Sometimes you may be too strict and therefore, kill the group or you may be too lenient and make the group a market place where everyone does what pleases him. To help ease the burden of formulating Whatsapp group rules for your class group, here are some important rules you must enforce.

Whatsapp Rules for Class Groups

Every member must stick to the aim of the group

Sticking to the agenda of the group is by far the most significant rule of any Whatsapp group. Enforce this law by all means. If your class group cannot stick to the agenda, you don’t have a group at all.

In a classroom Whatsapp group, the expected posts revolve around books and communications about important events in the school. Occasionally, someone may post a meme but that is off topic.

Allow members to drift a little from the topic but if they persist, send them a warning. Let everything have its own platform.

No self-promotions in the group

Business is a major part of our lives. Most people run a business at least on the side. Because of that, there is a temptation for people to promote themselves in the group. The rule here is strictly no promotion of whatever thing you are selling.

Even promoting other people’s stuff in the group is a violation of the law. For this rule, don’t take chances with people. Spammers will always be spammers. Warnings do not scare them. If someone promotes himself, kick him out of the group immediately and only add him back after he genuinely apologizes.

Members to share credible information

Advise members of your Whatsapp group to share information that is verified. Times do come when false information circulates in the school. If there is no official communication, ask your classmates to shun from sharing the information.

Apart from that, members must also verify information in the group before acting upon it. If someone shares false information, let other members question him where he got that information. It is very critical to verify information in the world we live in today.

Advise Members to minimize chats

A school Whatsapp group is not a friends’ chat room. The group can be silent if there is nothing important to share. Members should try to keep the group as clean as possible. If there are many unnecessary chats, there are high chances of an important communication slipping through the chats.

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If a member wants to pass some information, advise them to write the message in big chunks. Many short messages take up so much space and make the group look spammy. Ask your members to avoid unnecessary comments such as passing greetings in the group.

Respect the holidays

When school closes, the group also closes. Treat the school Whatsapp group as a notice board in school. Do you read notices on the school notice board while you are on holiday? Likewise, let the group ‘die’ during the holiday.

The only communications that can still be posted are about the activities of the forthcoming academic year.

Keep communication in the group Official

From the language used to pass messages to the editing of the text, someone can tell whether the message is official or not. If information shared is official, let it be official even in its appearance.

That way, no one will miss vital communication. In addition, not all the members in the group are your friends. You cannot use a friendly tone to communicate all the time.


With these rules in position, your school Whatsapp group will stand a chance to survive. You can add other small rules if there is need. Some rules will be applicable to a few groups but not all. Use what works for you.