What to do if you have Lost your Phone

We cannot know when we will lose our phones. It all happens in a blink of an eye. The best we can do is to prepare ourselves in case we lose our phones. However, if you have already lost your phone and you did not prepare for it, what can you do?

Here are few options you can take if you lose your phone. The option you pick will depend on the situation in which you lost your phone. Were you in an Uber? Are you within the house? Are you at school?

First Option

If you lose your phone in whatever place you are, the first obvious thing to do is to try calling it. If you have a secondary phone, use it to call your main phone. If the call goes through and someone picks it on the other end, figure out how you can get your phone back.

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If you lost your phone and it is on silent mode in that even if you call no one picks it up, you will have to try out the second option. It is unfortunate if you can’t reach your phone.

In case you lost your phone when it was on and now you try calling and it is off, don’t have much hope in getting it back. Chances are someone has picked it up and switched it off.

If the phone is expensive and you really want to get it, try out option two below. If you don’t mind the cost of the phone, prepare yourself to buy a new phone.

Trying to recover a cheap phone may cost you more than if you just went ahead to buy a new phone. It will save you a lot of pain. You really don’t need another heartache after losing your phone, do you?

Option Two

Only come to option two if option one did not work for you and you still want to get your phone back. The main thing to do in option two is report your lost phone to relevant authorities.

Of course there are no relevant authorities if you lost your phone within your house but you can ask people who may have information about your phone.

If you lost your phone in school, talk to the guards or fellow students who may have information about your phone. If you lost your phone at work, ask the cleaning guy and other colleagues.

The Uber help page will be of help if you dropped your phone in an Uber. Reporting to the police is if you lost your phone in a public place.

Anyone can take these very basic steps when they lose their phones. Unfortunately, there is nothing magical you can do to recover your lost phone. Just the hard old ways.

The criminal investigation department in most countries has tracking devices that can trace your lost phone. If you cannot get any substantial lead from people around you, try CID as your best bet in option two.

Last Option

If you have tried option one and two and they didn’t work for you, this is the last option you can try. Focus on recovering important information from your phone. If at all you cannot get your phone, it will be better if you at least get important information back.

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You can get back your contacts in steps outlined in the article above. Recover the photos you saved on your phone, passwords, videos etc

If you can move on without the information on your lost phone, then switch your phone number to a new sim card and start afresh.

Best Option

The best thing for anyone to do after losing his phone is to learn to deal with the loss. Experiencing loss is part of life under the sun. The better you are at dealing with loss, the easier you will move on.

You just have to learn how to disconnect from your lost phone, mourn it and let life go on. Many other people have lost phones with very important information and they moved on.

Consider buying another phone or using your secondary phone. If you lost a smartphone, you can try using a keypad phone for some time before buying another smartphone.

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Experiencing loss is part of life. If you have been unfortunate to lose your phone, learn the lesson and be more prepared with the next smartphone you buy. At least don’t lose it the same way you have lost this one.

No matter what kind of phone you have, the sad truth is that someday, it will either spoil or get lost. Fix that thought and the back of your mind and flow with life.