Vintage phones do exist. And you can buy them to use as your day to day phone. But before we dive deep into discussing vintage phones, let us know what makes a phone vintage.

The common understanding of vintage is anything that is old. But that is only a portion of what vintage exactly means. For anything to be considered vintage, it must be of high quality, valuable, possess iconic features, and of course it must be old.

It is the rare beauty, features, and age of a product that make its demand to go up. Vintage mobile phones include any of the rare early mobile phones.

Here is a list of the best vintage phones you can buy today.

Opis 1921 Cable

This is a perfect example of the phrase ‘Old is Gold’. The appearance alone will tell you the age of this phone. Very very impressive. It is made of wood and metal. It has a rotary dial and a metal bell. Though it supports modern tone dialing, this is the kind of phone you buy for decoration purposes rather than to use it.

Vintage Antique Candle Stick Rotary Dial Phone

Show this phone to a child and they will tell you it is some hardware tool. It does not look anything close to a phone and that is what makes it a special vintage phone. Its weight is 1.3 kgs and is made of brass in antique finish. It only works with home landlines. The packaging of this vintage phone is a corrugated box to make it look so ancient.

Fosa Retro Vintage Antique Style Phone

Here is another vintage phone with antique style. It has a rotary dial input. This Fosa Retro Vintage phone is made of resin, a metal bracket and an ABS handle. It weighs approximately 2.094 kgs. This is a vintage phone you will want to have in your living room, bedroom, or even your office. It looks gorgeous!

Crosley CR56-RE Payphone

Do you remember the 1950’s? This Crosley vintage phone will remind you of all your childhood memories. It has an integrated coin bank, you can mount it on a wall and it comes with a rotary plate with push-button technology. It has cheap plastic parts but it is one of the rarest 1950’s vintage phones replica.

IRISVO Rotary Dial Telephone

How best will you remember your childhood days other than buying this vintage phone with a metallic rotary dial? The Body is made of ABS material and the ringtones are old mechanical tones. Despite the retro look, this phone works with modern technology. This is a good gift for your friend who loves retro stuff.


The old days are long gone, but thankfully, old phones are still around to remind us of the long journey we have taken. Most of these vintage phones are replicas of old phones and not original old phones.

Originals may be extinct or very expensive if you find any. However, that should not stop you from decorating your house with these fabulous vintage phones.

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