Using a Feature Phone in 2020: How it Feels

It is hard to believe that in this age and era there are people who are still using feature phones. Some people use feature phones as secondary phones but others use feature phones as their main phones.

To get the feeling of using a feature phone in an age where smartphones dominate, I bought a feature phone after I lost my smartphone. This post is an analysis of all the good and bad of using a feature phone today.

The Good

Less Social Media

To some, less social media is a bad thing. However, dropping a smartphone to use a feature phone has significant change in terms of your social media presence. You won’t post any more updates. Neither will you get any.

Having a push-button phone immediately isolates you from the activity-filled social media. And just like most things, it comes with advantages and disadvantages. If you go to social media just to see how friends are doing, get memes, spy people’s lives and brag about your little achievements, switching to a feature phone will introduce you to a strange new world.

Immediately, you will feel very isolated from the world. Somehow, the world that had so much going on suddenly goes quiet. If you don’t like silence, you will panic. However, for anyone who is introverted or likes meditation and self-improvement, you will love the new world without social media.

Missing social media may be a problem if you run a business online or you keep contact with your followers on social media. Other social media uses are worth dropping in favor of focusing on yourself. Is there a better way to do that than to switch to a feature phone?

More Money Saved

A feature phone is incredibly cheap. I bought my feature phone for just $10 and it was brand new! Apart from the cost of buying a feature phone being very low, living with one is also very cheap.

You will want to buy nothing more after buying a push-button phone. No screen protectors, no phone cases, no paying for apps and no repairing broken screens. Some people may want to buy headphones but it is not necessary.

A feature phone is not made for music enthusiasts. Feature phones are only there to do the main business of calling and sending text messages. With a feature phone, you don’t have to pay for monthly internet, which saves you money.

Having a feature phone has greatly boosted my savings in many ways. When you start using a feature phone, you will realize just how smartphones require a lot of money to operate.

Less Baggage

Ordinary smartphones are heavier and bulky compared to feature phones. Immediately after dumping my smartphone, I felt a tremendous change when moving around. A feature phone simply disappears into your pocket and you won’t know it is even there until when you want to use it.

The light nature of push-button phones feels very relieving if you are used to bulky smartphones. In the hand, the feature phone is small and fits perfectly in the hand. At first, you may struggle to cope with the tiny size but it becomes enjoyable after a week or so.

Knowing Real Friends

This is a cool thing to learn if you switch from a smartphone to a feature phone. Unlike smartphones, feature phones can only receive communication through calls and texts. Switching to a feature phone will show you who your true friends are.

Most friends who pretend to like all you social media posts and follow you, suddenly disappear. You will realize that very few people actually care about you. The number of calls and texts you receive drop significantly.

Most people just text you because they see you have posted some great thing on social media but in real sense, that is all that keeps them connected to you. A feature phone will show you the reality of your friendships.

Fun Pressing Buttons

A feature phone is a sweet reminder of those days when sending a simple message required you to press buttons a couple hundred times. It is fun to press buttons in this age where most devices are operated by swiping.

The first few days will be hectic as you learn the ropes. If you are old school, you will catch up fast. Your mind has a blueprint from the previous years you were typing, which makes it easy to learn. Overall, typing is fun on a feature phone.

Battery Lasts Forever

If you have ever used a push-button phone before you know this. The battery lasts for so long. It is very easy to forget the last time you charged your phone. You can almost lose your charger because you barely use it.

Feature phones use very little power. Most of them do not have anything interesting going on with them so you spend very little time operating them. In the end, you have days of battery life that runs into weeks sometimes.

The advantage of such a long battery life is that you will almost never be off. Every time someone calls, chances are your phone is on.

The Bad

Delayed Updates

On a smartphone, you get updates seconds after they are sent. Be it an email from a client, breaking news somewhere or just a friend’s latest achievement. On a feature phone, the luxury of instant updates does not exist.

You only get updates hours or days later. In the same manner the feature phone keeps you away from the noisy world, it keeps you from information outside of your immediate environment. You cannot get important information about an impending hurricane. You only know there is a hurricane when you see it or if you switch on the television early enough.

Getting delayed information is a major drawback when you choose to use a feature phone in this age and time. Imagine just how many important communications you will miss and how many of them may decide whether you live or die.

Easy to Lose

In the science of evolution, there is a law of use and disuse. If a particular organ is not used for a long time, it disappears. When you switch to using a feature phone, you barely spend time on the phone.

With minimal use of your phone, it becomes very easy to lose it. Many times you will forget where you put your phone. If you cannot remember the last time you used it, how will you remember where you left it?

To add to your woes, the phone itself is tiny. It may be in your pocket but you barely notice it. Prepare to have an adrenaline rush several times a day. The phone can literally slide out of your pocket but you barely notice it because it is very light.

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No Taking Photos

It is obvious that when you choose to use a feature phone you do away with taking photos. You may think of yourself as someone who is not into taking photos. But then one day you find yourself staring at a beautiful sunset and you wish to remember that evening.

Unfortunately, you cannot take a photo. It is humiliating. Other times, your friends ask you to send them a photo of a document. You only realize you cannot take a photo of the document when the friend is gone.

And when you try to contact your friend to tell him you won’t manage to send the document, you realize you don’t have their contact.

Horrible Sounds

Feature phones do not have innovative technology. The technology used is the most basic you can find on a phone. From the sound they produce to the display, it is all terrible. It does fulfill the basic functions but you don’t enjoy it.

The terrible features are the reason why you will spend a whole day without looking at your phone. Push-button phones have always been like this anyway. After sometime, you will get used to the mediocre features and they won’t bother you.

Is it Worth it to Use a Feature Phone Today?

If you love adventure of going against the crowd, switching to a feature phone will thrill you. You will remember the old days and get so much to talk about. Old school people will also love the experience of using a feature phone again in this era.

For a tech enthusiast, don’t switch to a feature phone. It will only frustrate you with its backward technology. You will miss all the latest updates and feel like you are living back in the 1990s. The best way to incorporate a feature phone in your life today is if you use it as a secondary phone.

You may keep your smartphone at home and use your feature phone only when you leave home. It is a good way to give rest to your smartphone and help you avoid issues of social media and smartphone addiction.

If you frequently lose your smartphone, you will realize that using a feature phone while away from home greatly reduces the chances of losing your smartphone. In the end, a feature phone is still worth using even today.

It all comes down to how you would like to incorporate it in your life. If you want to start the feature phone adventure.