ULEFONE NOTE 7 Review & Price in Kenya

With about 6000 kenyan shillings you can buy this Ulefone Note 7. But is it worth spending 6000 shillings on? That is what this review answers.

At the moment, you can get phones with very promising specs on paper that cost a little less than what you may expect. It is a good thing to see but it comes with its own risks.

I once bought a phone of this kind; huge specs at a low price and the results were not so good. The phone was an Innjoo Fire 2 and all I remember was the phone had one of the best designs with a metallic body but its camera was nowhere close to impressive.

I ended up enjoying the phone’s design but tolerating its camera even though I didn’t take many photos. Therefore with this Ulefone Note 7, the question is the same; does it deliver what it promises?

Ulefone Note 7 Specs

Before I go any further, here are the specs of this 6000 shilling smartphone.

Screen 6.1 inches
Internal Memory 16 GB
Rear Camera 8 MP+ 2MP+ 2MP
Front Camera 5 MP
Battery 3500 mAh
Android 8.1 Oreo

I will not list here all the other specs because I feel they are not so important. The first thing that surprises me is the rear camera. Triple rear cameras for only 6000?! First, I want you to know that this phone actually has three cameras and they all work.

If you take photos with your phone once in a while, I want you to take note of this, despite the number of the cameras, the quality of the photos is nothing out of the ordinary. It is just the same quality you get on other phones with a single camera like the Huawei Y5 prime.

That does not mean this camera is poor. The quality is good enough for a phone of that costs 6000 shillings.


Without a doubt, the screen is one of the most impressive features you will find on this phone. It is a HD screen. When you look at it, you don’t see grainy images. The pixels are small and very clear. The brightness of the screen is normal. By saying normal I mean it won’t blow your mind neither will it be terrible that you notice it.

I don’t know how this display performs when you use this phone on direct sunlight but I guess it is good enough just like other phones in this price range. In my opinion, I feel the size of this screen is too big. A 5.5 inch screen is better. You may find it hard fitting this phone in some of your pockets.


There are no shortcuts when it comes to storage space. Having 16 GB internal memory at 6000 shillings is impressive though it is not the only phone with this size of ROM. I normally expect a phone at this price range to have at most 8 GB internal storage.

The RAM is 1 GB though the figures don’t matter that much. What I am happy about is that this phone runs smoothly most of the time unless you have heavy apps that need more RAM to run. For most users like me, who only chat, browse, play a few games, and make calls, this RAM is good enough. After all, this phone costs little money.


The price of this Ulefone Note 7 in Kenya is 6000 shillings. Of course, there will be variations in the price depending on the seller you buy it from. In shops within Nairobi, you may spend a little more if you are not good at bargaining.

If you want an easy buy, go to an online shop and order it from there. Click here if you want to order Ulefone note 7 from Jumia Kenya Smartphones.