ULEFONE NOTE 7 PRO Review & Price in Kenya

This is the review of the Ulefone note 7 pro. It is the improved version of the basic Ulefone note 7. These low end smartphones have gained popularity of late because of their impressive specs and low prices.

The Ulefone note 7 pro is no exception. So, is this phone any better than the basic Ulefone note 7 considering that it costs a little more? Let’s see. You can have a quick look at the review of the basic Ulefone note 7 here.

Is Ulefone Note 7 Pro Better than Ulefone Note 7?

Yes. There is a difference between these two phones though the difference is not that big. They have the same cameras, battery capacity and screen. You can read the review of the Ulefone note 7 in the link above to read about the cameras and display.

The main difference between the Ulefone note 7 and the Ulefone note 7 pro is the RAM, internal storage, android version and of course the price. This Ulefone note 7 Pro costs about 8,200 shillings, which is 2,000 shillings more than the Ulefone note 7 Pro.

Is it worth spending the extra 2,000 shillings to buy this Ulefone note 7 pro? Let us get the answer to this question by inspecting the features of this Ulefone note 7 Pro.

Ulefone Note 7 Pro Specs

Screen 6.1 inches
Internal Storage 32 GB
Front Camera 5 MP
Rear Camera 8 MP + 2MP +2MP
Battery 3500 mAh
Android Version Android 9
Connectivity 4G
Sim Cards Dual Sim

How the Phone Operates

When it comes to the operation of phones, the RAM is the most important. In this Ulefone note 7 Pro, the figures state there is a 3 GB RAM. Quite impressive for a phone that costs less than 10k in Kenya.

With this 3 GB RAM, the phone runs most apps seamlessly. Forget about a lagging phone when you buy this Ulefone note 7 pro. It is rare to find an app that can make this phone lag. If you love playing games, browsing the internet, chatting online, using Google maps, and any other common applications, this phone is good enough for you.

The RAM in this Ulefone note 7 pro is bigger than that in the basic Ulefone note 7. However, you will barely notice the difference unless you are a heavy user of your phone. If you just want a smartphone of an average person, it is worth considering the basic Ulefone note 7 and save 2,000 shillings.

The Design of the Phone

Ulefone are masters of design. This Ulefone note 7 pro bears the testimony. If you a person obsessed with the looks of a phone, this Ulefone note 7 pro will please you.

First off, it has an edge to edge screen with a small tear drop notch at the top. The phone itself feels solid in the hand and weighs about 180g. A common average of most phones nowadays. This is not the best designed phone but at this price, it does well.

The thickness of this phone is 9.7 mm. It is slim but it won’t matter if you will buy a cover for it. About the design of this hone, there is no big error to worry about.

Quality of the Phone

In terms of quality, you will quickly notice that most of the specs written about this phone are just numbers. The phone still feels like an ordinary phone that costs less than 10k. The quality of the display is average.

If you have used a more expensive phone before, this screen won’t impress you. If you use ordinary 10k phones, you won’t see any huge difference with this display. This does not mean the display is bad. It is average.

The phone does feel classy when you use it. You can easily disguise as a person of class with this phone. However, the quality of earphones that come with this phone is pathetic. You better buy your own headphones along with this phone if you like using them.

The battery has a huge figure but it really does not show in real life. On average, you will be charging this phone at least once per day. Not so bad but shameful especially after having made a huge claim.

Lastly on quality, the cameras are not anything impressive. I already mentioned this in the Ulefone note 7 review since both these phones share cameras. Ulefone has put three cameras on this phone but it has no difference with other smartphones with a single 8 MP camera.

Again, the camera is not bad it is only that the expectations are much higher when you see three cameras on a phone. It is just a way to entice you to buy it.

Is this Phone Durable?

Considering the durability of most smartphones, it is conclusive that this phone is durable. Smartphones of this quality do last for slightly over a year before they start failing. If you buy this phone, be sure you will be looking to buy another phone in a year or so.

It is a typical phone under 10,000 shillings. The biggest durability concern is on the battery. The phone might be okay after a year but the battery might be very weak by that time.

Nevertheless, don’t worry so much about durability, most smartphones don’t do any better. At most, smartphones die after two years unless you change parts.

Is this a Good Phone?

For 8,200 shillings, this Ulefone note 7 pro is a good enough smartphone. Most smartphones you get at this price won’t be much better than this Ulefone. However, do not be fooled by the huge specs and claims that this phone has.

Under the skin, it is an ordinary smartphone. If you are thinking about buying this phone, here are two options for you:

Either buy this phone with the pros and cons that you have just read or add 3,000 shillings and buy the Huawei Y5 Prime. If you have extra 3,000 shillings, I strongly recommend you go for the Huawei Y5 Prime.

On paper, it seems to have lesser specs than this Ulefone but believe it or not, it is a much better phone that will serve you for long. The Huawei Y5 Prime is the current best smartphone you can buy under 10k in Kenya.