Buying a toy mobile phone for your 1-year-old baby is a good idea if you want your kid to be a fast learner. Kids learn by interacting with their environment.

A toy mobile phone teaches them to coordinate their vision and hearing senses. They will also learn the different meanings of sounds early.

Your kid will be able to distinguish animal sounds from artificial sounds, which helps in their communication development.

Buying your kid a toy mobile phone is a cheap way to start teaching your child to be a future Einstein. It is your responsibility as a parent to prepare your kid for her future.

This is the prime time to do the teaching.

The Best Toy Mobile Phone for Your Kid

The best toy mobile phone to buy for your kid should be easy for them to use. Obviously, it must have flashy lights and sounds to entertain your kids. It is tiresome as a parent to be 100% active for your child. Times come when you get tired and choose to be cold. It is just being human.

A good entertaining toy, in that case, will help quench the unending vigor of your toddler. Let her scream at the lights, mimic the sounds, and talk to imaginary friends while you take the backseat in parenting.

Don’t you crave for the afternoon nap, a time when your eyes are so tired but your kid can’t let you have a little rest?


The toy phone must also look realistic to give your kid a true picture of what a phone actually looks like. If your kid often demands your phone, a toy phone should be able to make them think it is a real phone.

Somehow, kids know when you are cheating them. Sometimes, you will try to fool them but they catch you in your craftiness. 

The reason you are buying them this toy phone is to divert their attention from your phone. The constant drops your phone has taken are enough and now let the kid have his own phone.

Get a realistic toy phone. Anything cheap and crappy may make your kid throw away his toy and still come for your iPhone.


Because toys are for kids, some companies make very fragile products. They know kids will not complain about the quality of the toys. As a parent or at least a person with a rational mind, it is your duty to help a child find a good toy to play with.

One of the reasons why buying a quality toy for your kid is important is because your kid is actively learning from her environment. If you get her useless plasticky toys, she will resent toys and cripple her critical learning stage. 

A toy phone that is both entertaining, realistic, and of high quality is hard to find. However, the Yphone toy, which by the way looks like a real iPhone 5 is a good option to consider. Here are a few things you need to know about it.

Yphone Toy Play Mobile Cell Phone

  • When you press any button on this toy, it flashes lights on the sides.
  • What looks like a home button is an on/off button
  • This toy mobile phone is of the same size as an iPhone 5S. You can even use iPhones 5S cover on this toy phone.
  • When you press buttons, this toy phone speaks in English. Though the sound quality is not good and the English accent is artificial, kids will enjoy the responses.
  • This toy phone comes with two USB cables for charging it. It takes about 20 minutes to fully charge and lasts for hours. However, there is no notification when the battery is low. You may easily think the toy has spoiled when its battery runs low.
  • On this toy iPhone, you will get a game where your kid is asked to pick a correct color. If he fails three times the toy says ‘What a Pity!’
  • This toy phone is not a touch screen. What appears as a screen are buttons that your kid presses to get different sounds and lights.

What if My Child Hates it?

Children are hard to predict. You may spend your money buying them this toy but then they do not want it. Probably you have already seen how they reacted to other toys in the past.

However, that should not scare you. If your child hates this phone, you can return it for a refund. That is possible if you buy this toy from Amazon. If returning is not a good option for you, you can check out the current best phones for kids.

These are very simple phones primarily for making calls and sending text messages. Screenless phones for kids are also a trend you can opt for especially if your kid is below 5 years or you are careful about their screen time.

A good choice will give you relief from a demanding toddler. And remember at the same time your kid will be learning important life skills. 

Most parents have a hard time deciding when to stop buying their kids toy phones and buy them real phones. The question is hard because it depends on so many factors and there is no precise answer for it.



A toy phone costs less than $10. But it relieves you of much pain and keeps your kid active. Just remember to get a toy phone that looks real and is of good quality.

Your relationship with your kid will be way better than what you are having right now. The solution is in your hands.