This is How you can use your Phone in the Shower

If you have struggled to figure out a way to use your smartphone in the shower, here is an easy solution for you. Many people love listening to music in the shower but find it hard to use their phones.

Sometimes you just want to sit in the bathtub and watch shows on Netflix but it is difficult to keep your iPhone dry. Your wet hands are slippery, which increases the risk of your smartphone falling in the bathtub.

In this article, you will learn of ways in which you can carry your smartphone to the bathroom without worrying about spoiling it.

But before we look at the various ways in which you can safely use your phone while taking a bath, let us get answers to some common questions that people ask.

Can Shower Steam Ruin my iPhone?

If you own the latest iPhones, the iPhone 11, iPhone X or iPhone XR, you may be wondering if they are capable of surviving the steam from the shower.

Other high-end smartphones claim to be waterproof but can they withstand the humidity in the bathroom? Can you take your Samsung Galaxy S10 to the bathroom?

Most high-end smartphones can survive extreme conditions. However, they cannot survive in such conditions for long.

Taking your iPhone to the bathroom will not immediately damage it but be sure it will spoil much quicker than if you never expose it to the humid conditions in the bathroom.

Smartphones that claim to be waterproof are only water resistant to some extent. Some may survive if they are submerged in water for a few minutes. But long periods of being submerged will surely destroy them.

The conditions in the bathroom are corrosive and even though a phone won’t spoil immediately, taking your phone to the bathroom frequently will surely spoil it.

Why should you risk spoiling your phone? A little care will go a long way in preserving your phone.

Someone had a habit of taking her iPhone X to the bathroom. One day her iPhone could not charge. She took it to an iPhone service station where it was repaired.

When she asked the reason why her phone would not charge, the phone mechanic told her it had moisture in it. As much as iPhones are tough, they are not 100% secure from the bathroom conditions.

Therefore, whatever phone you have and whatever the manufacturer claims, don’t expose it to the bathroom conditions.

Common DIY Solutions for Showering with your Phone

Using Ziploc Bags

Probably you have heard of Ziploc bags. They are small plastic bags that have a zip to seal them on one end. Some people put their phones in these bags to keep them safe from the humidity in the shower.

The Ziploc bags work well but they are not meant to shield smartphones from adverse conditions. They may prevent your iPhone from splashes but their thin layers don’t do much.

After a while, your phone will still suffer the effects of humidity in the shower. If you want to use Ziploc bags to protect your phone while in the bathroom, use two of them.

Put your phone in one and then put it in another. However, the downside of doing that is that operating your phone becomes hard.

Touch sensitivity is greatly affected and the sound from your phone is blocked. The advantage of Ziploc bags is that they are very cheap. 

Using a Waterproof Phone Pouch

With about $15, you can get a waterproof phone pouch. A phone pouch is much better than a Ziploc bag. These pouches are made specifically to shield your phone from humidity and getting wet.

The pouches have a thicker layer that better protects your phone than Ziploc bags. Your bathroom conditions won’t have any effect on your phone once you put it in the waterproof pouches.

The disadvantage of the waterproof phone pouches is that they affect touch sensitivity of your phone. However, the effect is not so bad.

If you prefer to pay a little more to get a waterproof phone pouch, I recommend you buy this one that has air pockets on the sides.

Using a Shower Curtain Liner with Pockets

This is the best way to use your phone while in the bathroom. Using a shower curtain liner with pockets protects your phone from the conditions in the shower and gives you ease of use.

If you are wondering what kind of curtain liner this is, here is all you need know about it. This is a shower curtain like any other only that it has pockets on it that hold your smartphone and tablets. (See image below)

It has several pockets though some don’t have pockets at the bottom making it hard to watch videos on your smartphone if you use a bathtub.

Hang this curtain in your bathroom and insert your smartphone or tablet from the side facing away from the shower. After that, enjoy videos, music or even reading a book in your bathtub.

Sound transmission is great when you put your phone in the curtain pockets. I don’t think there is a better way to solve the problem of using your phone in the bathroom than this.

If you want to buy one of these curtains, they don’t cost much. Just about $20. You can buy together with a portable waterproof JBL speaker for better sound quality while you shower.

If you want to buy a shower curtain liner with smartphone pockets, get this one that has pockets even at the bottom in case you use a bathtub.


Everything has a solution. Keeping your phone safe in the shower is no exception. Try out one of these ways and enjoy your showers.