This is How you can Tell If you are Addicted to Your Phone

Forget about the hundreds of signs you have read online suggesting that you may be addicted to your phone. Honestly, there is only one way to know if you are addicted to your phone.

And that is what this article is all about. You may have the signs of addiction to your phone but you are not addicted to it. One of the common signs of cell phone addiction is taking your phone with you to bed.

Seriously? Many people take their phones to bed but they are not anywhere close to being addicted to those phones. If someone takes his phone to bed to listen to relaxing music before sleep, how can that be an addiction?

A certain book about healthy sleeping suggested that you avoid blue light, which your phone produces shortly before you go to bed. The same book suggested that it is healthy to listen to music to relax your mind before you fall asleep.

That is just an example of how lame the online ‘signs of addiction’ to your cell phone are wrong. If you have been scared by such signs before, don’t worry. Today, you will be sure if you are addicted to your phone or not.

Too Much Time on your Phone is not Addiction

Many people assume that spending too much time on your phone means you are addicted to your phone. That is not necessarily true.

It is true that someone who is addicted to his phone spends a lot of time on it. But there are people who spend a lot of time on their phones but they are not addicted.

If you are wondering how to tell apart the two, read on. It is very simple to tell if someone is addicted to his phone or not.

Social Media Addiction and Cell Phone addiction are Different

Some people are addicted to social media and not necessarily their phones. It is important to tell the difference. Social media addiction requires you to use your phone most of the time.

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Someone may think he is addicted to his phone when he is addicted to social media. He then spends a lot of his time working to resolve his phone addiction. But his efforts are futile because he is addicted to social media and not his phone.

If such a person solves his social media addiction, he will automatically resolve his obsession with cell phone use. It is that simple.

How to Tell if you are Addicted to your Phone

Lack of Control

The first element in knowing that you are addicted to your phone is the lack of control when it comes to using your phone. Addictions never give you a chance to choose. They are your slave masters.

If you cannot control yourself on how to use your phone, you are definitely addicted regardless of the amount of time you spend on your phone per day.

If you get a notification on your phone when you are in the middle of doing something serious and you stop to check the notification against your will, that is pure cell phone addiction.

When you are addicted to your phone, you will always feel devastated after using your phone. It often happens this way, you feel strongly compelled to check your phone but after checking your phone, you regret having wasted your time checking your phone.

Downward Spiral

The second element in cell phone addiction is the downward spiral. Once you are addicted to your smartphone, often a downward spiral follows.

First, your mood is utterly crushed every time you use your phone. You feel powerless just as someone who is in slave labor.

The powerlessness state may lead you into other addictions you have struggled with before. If all of a sudden other addictions spring up when you spend time on your phone, you are addicted to your cell phone.

 The Happiness Injection

This is the third element of cell phone addiction. If you often turn to your phone to cheer yourself up when you are in a bad mood but it doesn’t work, you are addicted to your phone.

A phone is not an object of relief. It can never provide comfort when you are feeling low. By turning to your phone for comfort in times of bad feelings, it shows just how much power that phone has over you.

In bad times, people turn to sources they trust most. Your phone is not one of those sources unless you are addicted to it.


The three elements above are enough to tell you if you are addicted to your phone or not. If you are addicted to your cell phone, you will experience all the three elements to some degree.

That is how easy it is to tell if you are addicted to your smartphone or not. To solve smartphone addiction, read this article, Do this One thing to Overcome Cell Phone Additction Forever.