The Best Excuse to Give for Ignoring Someone’s Phone Call

In life, we cannot say ‘Yes’ to everything. In fact, life requires that we say ‘No’ to most things. With the huge number of people who own cell phones today, it is easy be swallowed up in endless phone calls.

It may be so bad that you end up wasting much of your time talking nonsense on your phone. Unfortunately, most people are unable to stop themselves from answering calls. An overwhelming guilt sweeps over them if they dare ignore a call.

It is okay if you do not answer people’s phone calls. Believe this statement and let it give you validation for all the calls you never answered in the past. Failing to answer a call does not mean you are a bad person.

It is just that life requires us to ignore most things. If you pick up all the phone calls you get and beat yourself for any call you miss, you will end up in depression. Save yourself. Apart from knowing that you can ignore calls, it is important to know how to ignore them.

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Finding Reasons Not to Answer Phone Calls

When you finally start to ignore phone calls, you will find it hard to explain to callers why you did not pick their calls. You may meet people who called you at work, in school, at home and chances are they will want to know why you did not pick their call.

Most of the time, people panic and start explaining reasons why they did not pick up the phone. Most of the reasons given in such circumstances are pure lies. In panic mode, your mind tries to larch on to anything that looks like a valid reason.

Your mind is scared and it genuinely wants to rescue you. The best thing you can do before you ignore a call is to get a valid reason why you want to ignore that call. It is very easy to know why you are ignoring a call.

It is rare for anyone who ignores a call to fail to know why she ignored the call. The reason for ignoring the call is in your heart. You are tired, you don’t feel like talking, you prefer texting, you are shy talking on the phone, you have a sore throat and many other reasons.

The difficult part is often making the caller understand that your reason is valid. Some callers will easily understand your excuse but most will not. If fact, you may have ignored the call because the caller never understands. How do you tell him that?

The Best Reason to Give for Not Answering a Phone Call

If you are ever confronted by someone whose call you did not answer, give them this reason. It is a simple reason but takes guts to give it. It sounds mean but it is the truth. Tell whoever called you; answering calls on my phone is my choice.

You know how you use your phone better than anyone else. You know where you were and why you did not pick up the phone. It is up to you to decide which calls you pick and which ones you ignore.

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If someone has a problem with that then they don’t deserve to be part of your life. Whenever you call them and they don’t pick their phones, they always have a mean explanation, why can’t they consider your ‘mean’ explanation too?

If they ask for Explanation of your Statement

If they confront you to give an explanation, don’t be in a hurry to justify yourself. In fact, you cannot justify yourself enough in their eyes. They will almost never understand your circumstances.

Therefore, you can choose to just be silent or say you don’t want to talk about the matter anymore. Silence is your best friend. Prepare for outbursts from them but remember it is totally worth it to remain silent.

The Good thing…

You will get all manner of reactions but in the end, they will get used to it. The outburst is because human beings are creatures of habit. If you have been picking up their phone calls and all of a sudden you don’t, they will feel the change and combat it as hard as they can.

You may lose some people but you will get peace in return. Is it better to torture yourself with boring calls for the rest of your life or block them once (violently) and enjoy peace the rest of your life?

You will be hated and called all manner of names and many of your ‘friends’ will go. In the end, you will be left with people who respect your choices. The process of building boundaries with phone calls takes time and you will feel out of place in the beginning.

If you fail occasionally, that is normal. Keep trying because if you succeed, the benefits are worth the struggle.