How To Stop Seeing Whatsapp Status on Your Phone

stop seeing whatsapp statusWhatsapp status are awesome but at times they can be very toxic. When they become toxic and you want to do away with them, you may not know exactly what to do.

The truth is not all your contacts are going to upload funny stuff to cheer you. Some upload total trash that destroys your mood and your whole day.

Currently, there is an option to block Whatsapp status from a specific contact. However, the blocked contact’s status is still listed only that it appears at the bottom. If you want to completely stop seeing Whatsapp status, you will have to take a more severe action than just blocking a person.

Before I go into the process of disabling Whatsapp status, let me share some reasons that made me look for a way to disable my Whatsapp status.


When Whatsapp status became famous, many people started putting up regular status. I found myself spending a lot of time watching and reading what my contacts had posted. Soon, I realized that my productivity had gone down drastically because of the much time I spent watching Whatsapp status.

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I would peep to check any updates after every 10 minutes. It dawned on me that this had become a huge problem that I needed to solve unless I wanted to watch my young website die.

Data Bundles

Apart from being a waste of time, Whatsapp status also used up my monthly data subscription quite fast. I would watch more videos on my Whatsapp status that what I normally do on Youtube. I had minimized the use of youtube only to realize that I had a worse enemy than YouTube.

Useless Information

Despite having great friends, some of them posted things that did not concern me. I found myself watching stupid comedy videos. Other people would record themselves eating and doing other things that did not add any value to me.

I would end up being consumed in their acts that I forgot about my own business. Only a few people posted information that was helpful to me. Watching Whatsapp status felt like going to YouTube to watch random videos.

Repetitive Information

Since most of my friends are also friends to one another, it was common to see the same photo, video or quote shared by both of them. I remember at one time three of my friends took a selfie and each one of them posted it on their status.

I felt so bad seeing the same photo over and over again. With the current craze of viral twitter posts and memes, it is not hard to see the same meme several times. Other information may be repeated but on a different day.

Toxic Information

We become what we feed our minds. Some of the people on my contact list posted wrong information. Someone comes up with his own quote and posts it. Others dump their cheap arguments on current matters on their status.

Whenever I would read such information, I would develop anger. Sometimes I would confront the people who posted and end up in an argument with them. Overall, I discovered the toxic information from Whatsapp status was impacting my life negatively.

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After undergoing this pain for a while, a change was necessary. I tried blocking some contacts but still, the problem persisted. At some point, I deleted people’s phone numbers, which landed me in an even greater problem.

Tired and frustrated, I would uninstall Whatsapp for a few days before installing it again. However, I recently found a more ingenious way to stop seeing Whatsapp status.

The advantage of the new way I use is I have the choice when to see Whatsapp status and when to put them off completely. The method has its own downsides but they do not cause me as much pain as the status do.

The Method Itself

Whatsapp status are only visible if you have someone’s contact and they also have your contact. With the advancement of the Android operating system, you have the option to give specific permission to apps.

Nowadays, I just deny Whatsapp access to my contacts, which means, according to Whatsapp, I have no contacts. This way, I do not get Whatsapp updates even when I have saved phone numbers of my friends.

When I feel like I have missed status updates, I simply give Whatsapp permission to access my contacts and I start getting status updates.

How to Stop Seeing Whatsapp Status on Android Phones

Step 1: Go to settings

Step 2: On the settings menu, click on Apps

Step 3: On the Apps list, scroll down to where Whatsapp is and click on it.

Step 4: On the list, click on permissions

Step 5: Disable permission to access contacts and you are done.

To enable Whatsapp status again, go through the same process to enable status. Note that the status that you have already received will still be available until they expire. However, you will not receive any more status updates.