Showering With Your Phone In The Bathroom: No Big Deal

We live in a world that is obsessed with safety. Anything that has a negative effect is immediately termed life-threatening. We are bombarded by hundreds of threats each day. If you pay attention to all the research that ‘scientists’ do, you may never live your life. Today, I am surprised that using a phone in the shower is considered a bad thing.

What I know is that using a phone in the shower has several downsides, which I assume you also know. But the few downsides of using a phone in the shower does not guarantee that it is a deadly thing to do.

What Phones Do in The Shower

It is hard to fully understand why someone chooses to use a phone in the shower. However, the most common reason why people carry their iPhones to the shower is because they want to listen to music. Entertainment is enticing enough to make someone carry a phone to the bathroom.

For others, they spend a long time in the bathroom. Therefore, carrying a phone with them is the obvious thing they do. If you are going to spend an hour in the bath tub, what will you be doing? Remember this is the digital era.

Sometimes, people carry phones to the bathroom because they have an important person to talk to. Maybe it is an urgent call or email they are waiting for. Mobile phones are so close to us these days. They stand in for so many of our daily activities.

If you run an online business, chances are you will want to be with your phone everywhere. Any missed call or email means an opportunity is gone. And because opportunities are hard to come by, it is tempting to carry your phone everywhere.

Why it is no Big Deal to Carry Your Phone to the Bathroom

Nobody has ever collapsed and died because they used a phone in the shower. It is meaningless to worry about what might go wrong. The world is already full of problems to worry about.

The music that someone listens to while in the shower is what refreshes the soul. While seated in the bathtub relaxing your physical body, why not relax your soul too?

Obviously, there is a good reason why you carry your phone to the bathroom. The scientist doing his research may never understand what carrying a phone to the bathroom means to you.

Only you can understand the fulfillment you find in carrying your phone to the bathroom. After all, it is your life that you are making better.

Dangers of Carrying Your Phone to the Bathroom

The biggest dangers of carrying your phone to the bathroom have to do with the phone. If you are using a phone that is not waterproof, you risk spoiling it. Some other phones are waterproof but constant exposure to humidity spoil them.

However, this is not a problem to everyone. Some people are okay with their phones spoiling faster because of being used in the shower. To them, music in the bathroom is worth risking the durability of a phone, which is perfectly fine.

The other danger of using your phone in the shower is the risk of dropping it. When your hands are wet, they become slippery. Most smartphones today have glass surfaces on both sides, which further works against grip. It is easy for a phone to slide from your hands in the shower.

If your phone slides from your hands, it falls on the hard surface in the bathroom. In the living room, there may be a carpet to minimize the impact but in the bathroom, there is nothing.

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Disregard the Myths

On the internet, you may find articles stating the dangers of using your phone in the bathroom. Some of the dangers are true. However, you are not so foolish not to know the kind of risk you are taking when you take your phone to the bathroom. You know the risk, you have calculated the expense and you are willing to pay for it. Why should a scientist be offended when you take a risk?

The threats of mobile phones causing cancer or any diseases to you are to be disregarded. After all, you will still use the phone whether you know them or not.


Carrying a phone to the bathroom when taking a bath is an individual decision. Everyone has his own choice. It is stupid to impose your view on others. Let every person decide for himself.

If you are willing to have your phone in the bathroom and risk spoiling it, that is up to you. If you don’t want to risk the life of your phone, it is also fine. We are not competing.

If you take a short time in the shower and you don’t see the reason why you should carry your phone with you, then don’t carry it.

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