Should You Upgrade Your iPhone Every Year?

Apple has been producing new iPhones every year for about 10 years now. Each time there is a new iPhone, it often comes with new features never seen before. Other times, the new iPhone only has improvements of features that already exist.

If you are a fan of iPhones, it may be hard to decide whether getting a new is worth it. Is the iPhone you have good enough to serve you for another year or should you upgrade? That is the question that this articles answers.

Is a New iPhone Necessary?

A new iPhone is not necessary. Whatever thing is necessary, you already have it. If you survived a full year with the current iPhone, what makes you think upgrading to the latest iPhone is necessary?

If you think the new iPhone will make your life better, forget it. Immediately you buy it, you will get used to it and still resent it like your current iPhone. Unless your current iPhone has a serious problem, a cracked screen, a short battery life, failing software or a worn out body, don’t bother buying a new one.

It is a Personal Choice

Buying the latest iPhone every year is a personal choice. You know why you want or don’t want a new iPhone better than anyone else. After getting people’s opinion about your situation, you will have to make the decision yourself.

The most important thing to remember is that the choice you make will affect you more than anyone else. If you choose to buy the latest iPhone every year, you will enjoy the goodies that come with it.

At the same time, you will bear any negatives that come along with your decision. Have an open mind and accept your lot. Some people choose to buy the latest iPhones every time Apple releases them but when the iPhone does not meet their expectations, they blame others for their misfortune.

If you can, Why not?

There is no reason why you should withhold yourself from buying a new iPhone every year if you can. If you have the money to buy a new iPhone, go ahead and buy the best version available.

If the reasons that stop others from upgrading their iPhones every year don’t affect you, take advantage and grab the new iPhone. Some think that the technology in iPhones may not have changed much over a period of one year.

They may be right. The difference in technology between iPhone 10 and iPhone 11 is not that much. However, others see the upgrade worth it just because there is a difference. Depending on how you use your iPhone, you may or may not notice the difference when you upgrade your iPhone.

If you are skipping iPhones of several years in your upgrade, the difference will definitely be big. If you upgrade on a yearly basis, you may not see the difference. That is just one reason. In the end, if you are in a position to get a new iPhone, go get it!

Keep Apple in Business

If you love iPhones, chances are you also love Apple, the company that makes them. For Apple as a company to keep operating, it must make sales. You are among the millions of people that Apple depends on to grow.

Therefore, by choosing to buy a new iPhone every year, you are keeping the company you love afloat. It is both good for you and for the company. In addition, Apple will find motivation to make new iPhones if the sales of the latest iPhones do well.

Your single purchase will not make or break Apple as a company but in the end, it works for your good.

Plot to Kill Old iPhones

Closely related to the point mentioned above, Apple as a company wants to make sales. Speculation around the internet claim Apple intentionally slows down old iPhones in order to prompt their owners to buy the latest iPhones.

Whether the speculations are true or false, there is a possibility that Apple will ‘destroy’ your old iPhone after sometime. With this reason in mind, it makes sense to keep upgrading to the latest iPhone every year.


Upgrading your iPhone every year is a good move if you have the resources to back you up. However, if you are not sure, which decision is good for you, don’t bother upgrading your iPhone every year.

Wait until your current iPhone is dead before buying a new one. If you feel Apple is playing a dirty game, join the Android bandwagon and enjoy the endless variety of smartphones.