How to Deal With People Who Don’t Respond to Messages

Communication is essential for our relationships to grow. Everyone must work hard to see growth in their relationships.

I am not talking about romantic relationships only. I mean family relationships also. We pass most of our communication by sending text messages.

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Text messages give people the freedom to reply when it is convenient unlike phone calls, which can interrupt people from important activities.

However, ignoring text messages is common today. Not replying to text messages is rude.

Today I will show you five things to do when someone ignores your text messages.

Set the Maximum Time Within Which You Expect a Reply

The first thing to do is set a time limit for text message replies. You have to know how busy the person you expect to respond is.

If he is employed or studying, probably they are busy during the day. It will be ridiculous if you get angry with them because they didn’t reply to your text message during the day.

Give them the benefit of doubt. Obviously, you will have to set different limits for everyone you text.

Test How Fast They Reply to Text Messages

Before you boil with anger, learn how the person you are texting reacts to text messages. Are they not responding to text messages because of other engagements?

Test this by asking them questions. General messages do not ask people to respond and they will easily ignore them.

Ask them about their work, their family, or their passions. See how fast they respond at different times.

Call the Person

If you have considered the first two steps and there is no response to your text message, call the person.

Call the person and tell them delaying to respond to a text message is bad manners. How can they post memes on their Whatsapp status yet they have not replied to your text message?

Don’t you also have important things to do? They must know that the time you have taken to text them is valuable.

Say to them BAD MANNERS! Make sure it hit them hard.

Pile Guilt on Their Heads

Yes, they have done wrong. They must feel guilty. So, how do you make them feel guilty? It is simple. Show your disappointment.

Ashley: Hi John, please send me the photo we took yesterday.

John: (No reply)

Ashley: I thought a gentleman like you would send me the photo we took even before I ask for it.

Believe me that will hit them hard. If they do not reply to you, they lose the respect you have for them.

how to answer when someone is not responding to text messages

At the same time, you are not being rude or insulting them. What a great comeback!

If they are insecure people, they will hurl insults at you. But remember to ask them ‘You also insult people apart from delaying to reply text messages?’

It will reveal exactly who they are. And if they are bad people, kick them out of your life. Come on! You deserve a peaceful life!

Make a Sarcastic Comment

Sarcastic comments are a great way to silence people who do not respond to text messages. The biggest problem with sarcastic comments is people may not understand you.

They may not even know you are mocking them because they are fools. Use easy to understand sarcastic comments!

sarcastic text message replies screenshot


People not responding to text messages should never bother you. Apply the above 5 steps to break free from those toxic ‘friends’ that only want to ruin your life.

Enjoy your life. There are many other people who will appreciate your effort to text them. Look for such. How do you deal with delayed text message replies? Do you let people just take advantage of you?