Problems of the Samsung Galaxy A50 Exposed!

Samsung Galaxy a50 problemsSamsung released the Galaxy A50 in early 2019 and it was a hit among the mid-range smartphones. The A50 packs great features at a low price. Buying the A50 may be the easiest way to have a taste of the Galaxy S10 features for only $240.

Everyone who buys this Samsung Galaxy A50 will tell you this phone has one of the best smartphone screens ever. We all expect that considering that this is a Samsung phone. However, despite having so much good, this Samsung A50 is not perfect.

There are problems that are hard to ignore. These problems may not affect everyone who buys this phone but certainly, they do matter. Some problems only affect specific versions of the Galaxy A50 but majority cut across all the versions.

If you are planning to buy a Samsung Galaxy A50, this is the make or break it moment. Are these problems the common smartphone problems that we are used to or they are unbearable? Let’s find out.

Samsung Galaxy A50 Cons

The biggest complaint from people who bought this Samsung is about the fingerprint scanner. Samsung put the fingerprint scanner inside the screen for this Galaxy A50. Most users complained that the fingerprint is not very accurate and it does take a while before it recognizes your finger.

The accuracy of the fingerprint varies between users. Some reported the fingerprint working perfectly well at least eight out of ten trials while others reported the fingerprint scanner only working three out of ten times. Despite the ranging difference, the bottom line is the fingerprint in the Samsung Galaxy A50 has accuracy problems.

Still on the fingerprint, some users reported it to be slow to respond. Again, this is a relative issue. To users who bought this Samsung after previously using a better phone, they will definitely notice the lag in the response time of the fingerprint scanner.

For most people who have less experience with fingerprint scanners, the response time of the fingerprint on the Galaxy A50 is okay. From a technical perspective, the Samsung Galaxy A50 has a slightly less responsive fingerprint scanner than most of its competitors.

Heating Issues

Another major problem on the Samsung Galaxy A50 is the heating problem. This Samsung heats up fast especially when you play games, use the camera or any other heavy usage. The area around the cameras becomes really hot.

The heating up causes your palms to sweat, which affects your touch sensitivity. If you are playing games, touching becomes a challenge. Heating problems are common in smartphones and it is no surprise to have this problem in this Galaxy A50.

Rattling Speaker

Rattling speakers on a Samsung phone of this kind is a shame. The sound quality is not as good as you may be expecting on a Samsung phone. The rattling is easily recognizable when the volume is high.

You will be fine if you use this phone with headphones most of the time. Smartphones that compete with this Samsung Galaxy A50 sound a lot better.

Missing Features

Samsung deserve much appreciation for making this awesome smartphone. However, users will always have something to complain about. One of the big features so much wished for on Samsung Galaxy A50 is the NFC.

NFC in full stands for near field communication, which is the ability for your phone to communicate with other devices that support NFC. The most common use of NFC is making payments.

Normally, you wave your phone close to the other device that supports NFC to communicate with it. Sometimes you have to put your phone in contact with the other device. Unfortunately, this Samsung Galaxy A50 does not support it.

The other wished for feature on this Samsung A50 is the wireless charging. Samsung use the wireless charging technology and most users would have been much happier if this Galaxy A50 had that feature.


The Samsung A50 has only three major problems that cut across all devices. Other problems may be isolated cases. One user reported his Samsung Galaxy A50 dying off while he was charging it overnight. But that only happened to him. We cannot rule it out as a common problem.

The Galaxy A50 is a great phone if you want to buy one. If you own one already, chances are you love the experience especially the beautiful AMOLED screen. If you want to buy one, check it out on Amazon.