The Best Phones for Construction Workers in 2020 Reviews

durable phone at a construction workIf you are looking for the best phones for construction workers, this article is for you.

It is very important nowadays to do good research before giving out your money to get a phone. And because you are reading this article, it already shows you are a wise person. Things will most likely go well for you. Cheers!

A foolish person is always quick to make decisions. But soon he realizes his mistakes and pays a heavy price for them.

He sees a phone advertised as a phone for construction workers. Its rugged nature easily makes him believe this is a good phone for builders like him. So he quickly clicks the order button and happily concludes he has made a perfect choice.

A few days later, the phone is delivered. The packaging is exactly as it was advertised. Now the man is fully convinced he has the best phone any construction worker can ever get. It is surely going to last for 100 years. No amount of crane force can break it. Even if he forgets it in the bathtub for a week, he will still find it working perfectly.

Well, his imaginations may not be far from the truth. But what he doesn’t know is despite the phone being made for construction workers, not all of them will find it helpful.

He realizes the phone is too big to fit in his pockets and in his hand. And despite the phone being durable, his children who love playing games cannot operate it. His fun time with the kids takes a hit.

In the end, the phone does more harm than good despite being the very thing he wanted.

Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Phone for Construction Workers

There are many mistakes that builders often make when buying mobile phones. Just like in the case above, you may think you have landed a good deal but instead, you have set yourself up for disappointment.

Here are some of the common mistakes you must avoid.

Focusing too much on the Price

Sometimes as a builder, when you want to buy a phone, you set a price. It is wise to have an expected price. However, you must know that the price should not be your main factor in picking a phone.

There are cheaper phones that are much better than expensive phones. For example, the main feature you may want in a phone is its water resistance. Probably you spend most of your time in a damp environment.

On the market, you find a phone that is water resistant at $600. You end up buying it assuming high price is equal to high quality. Later on, you meet your co-worker who bought a cheap water-resistant phone at $350. Both phones are water resistant but you feel bad having spent $250 extra for the same function.

Therefore, doing research will save you from potential disappointment. Mainly, you should buy the cheapest phone for construction workers that has the best functions, which is popularly known as value for money.

However, in this guide, I will help you get the best offer for a rugged phone.

Reading Biased Reviews

Biased reviews are a major factor that makes people buy wrong products. Reviews are a way of advertising. Some reviews are independent and give you the true picture of a product. Others are only there to entice you to buy the product.

If you fail to differentiate between a false review and a true review, you may easily buy a phone you do not want.

The easiest way to tell a review is biased is by checking how many negatives it mentions about a product. Believe it or not, no product is ‘perfect’. As long as it is made by a human being, it will have flaws.

Fake reviews sugarcoat products to entice you. Don’t fall for it from today onwards.

Also, know that reviews are the way the reviewer sees the product and not necessarily how the product is. For example, if someone doing a white-collar job reviews a phone meant for builders, he will make it look terrible. He will say how heavy and ugly the phone is.

But to you, a construction worker, that is a good thing. Therefore, getting the right reviews is important. The best reviews are those you find on Amazon, written by people who actually bought the product.

Depending on Brands

Brands have trends. Some have good quality others have good prices. However, things are not always as you expect. Occasionally, brands will entice people to believe they are good and then sneak in bad products.

Or they may have good flagship phones but their cheap phones are crap. So they depend on their good reputation with the expensive phones to sell their cheap phones. Getting good advice will help you avoid such deadly traps.

When making your decision to buy a rugged phone, the brand should have little influence.

Buying Rugged Phones from Unauthorized Dealers

You may make the right choice in identifying a good phone for builders. But then the merchant you buy from swindles you. Especially in this era of buying products online, getting scammed is easy.

Or you may buy a new phone a get a used one. There are several cases where people got refurbished phones instead of new phones. And in most cases, such rogue merchants do not allow returns. Once you buy the product, that is it.

You get stuck with a dysfunctional phone. Some make the returning process hard just to discourage you from returning the product.

The best store to buy from is definitely Amazon. They have excellent delivery services, allow returns, offer warranties, and have a wide range of products to choose from.

The Best Phones for Builders

When it comes to buying durable phones, one term comes to mind, military-grade smartphones. These are phones made for the harshest conditions you can ever think of. They are rugged and their bodies reinforced with hard materials. They will survive falls from great heights, knocks from hard tools, and even exposure to water and dust.

Rugged phones are almost indestructible. If you work in such corrosive environments, this type of phones will suit you perfectly.

However, these rugged smartphones have very little variation from normal smartphones in terms of the user interface. They run on Android operating system. The main difference they have is the build quality. They are hard!

Rugged phones vary in prices and you can get a few of them below $200. Rugged phones below $200 have basic reinforcement on their bodies and they do well in not so harsh environments.

You can also opt for rugged flip phones if you are a fan of flip phones. The advantage of rugged flip phones is they are smaller and lighter than rugged smartphones. They are also cheaper but they still give you the same durability you get from military grade smartphones.

Unless you need thermal sensors, fast internet, and other advanced features on top of durability, it will be good to get these cheap rugged flip phones.

The Best Phone for Construction Workers

There is no specific phone to point out and say this is the best of the best. However, considering some important factors, there is a phone that stands out in terms of its value for money.

It is a little expensive and if you cannot afford it, feel free to get cheaper options mentioned above. This awesome rugged smartphone is in the $500 range.

There are expensive rugged phones with better features at over $800 but they just seem overpriced. They do not have anything much more than this cheaper phone.

With this kind of considerations, you may just consider this phone to be the current best phone for construction workers.

The phone is made by a popular construction company, which gives it credibility. You will barely go wrong when you buy this phone. The phone is CAT S60 made by the caterpillar company CAT.

All in all, get a phone that will satisfy your needs!