Panasonic kx-tgm420w is a phone made for hearing impaired people. If you use hearing aids and you are looking for a phone that is loud enough, this Panasonic cordless phone may be your best option.

Seniors over 80 years will find this phone very handy because of how it is easy to use. Here is an in-depth review of the Panasonic kx-tgm420w.


The receiver volume is really loud and very clear. Even hard of hearing people cannot use full volume. The earpiece volume has a maximum volume of 40dB.

The ringer volume is more than double the loudness. It is 100dB. You will barely miss any incoming call. For sure, you may never use the full volume because it is uncomfortably loud.

You also have the option to increase the number of rings before the answering machine picks up. This Panasonic kx-tgm420w has a special functionality where it suppresses the background noise of your callers and amplifies their voices.

picture of panasonic kx-tgm450sThe result is a clear voice from your caller. Though it sounds fiction, this feature works impressively.

Another special feature on this Panasonic cordless phone is the slow talk function. Just like on the Panasonic kx-tgm450s, you can slow down the speech of your caller.

Surprisingly, the caller cannot tell that you have slowed down his speech. The conversation is fluent. You can as well use the slow talk feature to slow down recorded messages while you are playing them.

This Panasonic kx-tgm420w has a speakerphone. It is loud and very clear than other Panasonic amplified phones.

You also have the option to set the keypad on this Panasonic phone to read out numbers when you press them.


You can adjust the tone of your callers to your preferred tone. There are 6 voice tone settings on this Panasonic kx-tgm420w.

Panasonic kx-tgm420w Battery

There is not so much to say about the battery because this phone operates mostly within the house. However, the most impressive thing is the battery backup in the base of this Panasonic kx-tgm420w.

In case of a power outage, this phone battery backup will give you about 4 hours standby time.


This Panasonic amplified cordless phone comes with an answering machine. The answering machine can record voice messages of up to 17 minutes in length.

You can record your own message on the answering machine if you do not want to use the preset message.

A talking caller ID on this Panasonic cordless phone reads out names of callers for you. The caller ID is limited to only English and Spanish languages.

On this Panasonic kx-tgm420w, you can block up to 250 contacts. This is the standard number of callers that most amplified cordless phones block anyway.

Just like many other Panasonic phones, this kx-tgm420w has a phonebook that saves up to 100 contacts. To help seniors, you can make use of the 9 speed dial buttons available.

You can expand this phone system up to 6 handsets. When buying, you will only get one handset and a base.

The additional handsets compatible with Panasonic kx-tgm420w are the Panasonic kx-tgma44w. When you have the additional units connected, this phone supports intercommunication.


Panasonic kx-tgm420w has a bright, backlit LED display. The font is huge and easy to read even for people who wear eyeglasses. The keypad of this Panasonic is also backlit and it has plastic buttons.

There is a red visual ringer, which flashes when there is an incoming call both on the phone and on the base. The visual ringer also flashes when there is an unread message left on the phone.

Other Observations

You can use the Panasonic kx-tgm420w with headphones. However, the headphones must have a 2.5 mm plug and not the normal 3.5 mm plug.

This phone supports Bluetooth connectivity. You can connect it to your phone to use it as link to cell.

There is a strong connection with this phone system and a wide range of connection. You barely get disconnections when talking. It has a frequency of 1.92 GHz.

You do not need WiFi for this phone to work. It also does not connect to WiFi.

In the box, you will get a belt clip, which allows you to hang this phone on your trouser. However, you cannot hang this phone on a wall as it does not come with the wall mounting kit.

Panasonic kx-tgm420w supports telecoil hearing aids.

You can access this phone remotely.

Con: This phone may be complicated to use for some people.

Panasonic kx-tgm420w where to Buy

Like every other electronic device, it is highly recommended you buy it from a trusted dealer. You can also buy it on Amazon here. Make sure you get a warranty in case things go wrong.

Also, buy from a dealer that allows for returns in case you do not get the product you wanted.

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