This review of Panasonic kx-tg6592t is a collection of hundreds of reviews from actual users.

Setting up this Panasonic kx-tg6592t is very simple. Using it is dead easy as well.

Panasonic kx-tg6592t Sound

This phone has a sound amplifier, which works perfectly well. The sound is clear even at high volumes thanks to the 5 volume levels and an equalizer.

However, if you need to slow down the talking speed of your callers, you can only find that on the more expensive Panasonic kx-tgm450s.

Panasonic kx tg6592t is compatible with hearing aids and you will not hear echoes. Several reviewers said they have severe hearing loss but could still hear this phone.

Panasonic has not stated the exact number of decibels, but this phone is audible enough for people who have lost over 85db of hearing.

However, a few users complained the amplifier was not loud enough and recommended a Clarity phone instead.

If you do not like sounds, you can turn them off both on the phone and answering machine.

However, the flickering answering machine message indicator light will not go off.

Panasonic kx tg6592t allows you to use headphones. The headphone jack needs a 2.5 mm plug.

Panasonic kx-tg6592t Review: Ringing

The kx-tg6592t announces caller ID when there is an incoming call.

You can set this phone to ring with a specific ringtone when you receive calls from different people.

When there is an incoming call from your daughter, you will know just by listening to the ringtone.

Talking of ringing, it is important to mention this phone comes with an answering machine.

They are actually two handsets that connect to each other wirelessly. You only connect the handset with the answering machine to the wall and walk around with the other.

Panasonic kx-tg6592t allows you to expand this phone system up to 6 handsets.

However, only Panasonic kx-tga6843 handsets are compatible with this Panasonic kx tg6592t. This phone also flashes when it is ringing.

It is easy to spot this Panasonic ringing if you have a problem hearing it.

Panasonic kx-tg6592t Review: Messaging

The answering machine of this Panasonic kx tg6592t has a message indicator light (MIL) that blinks when you have an unread message.

This is the right phone for you if you are looking for a phone that plays your recorded announcement every time a message is left on the answering machine.

The answering machine also shows you the date and time when a message was left on your phone.

You can listen to your messages easily without the long process of going to voicemail.

According to Panasonic, the recording time of the answering machine is 40 minutes.

Panasonic kx-tg6592t reads messages to you even when you are not close to the handset on the base.

Use the handset close to you to retrieve messages from the main handset. The messages show up on the other handsets connected to the main handset.

Panasonic kx-tg6592t Battery

This Panasonic kx tg6592t uses 2 AAA Ni-MH rechargeable batteries. These batteries last for about 7 days on standby and give you 3 hours of talk time.

However, most of the time this phone will be on its charging cradle, which eliminates the fear of having a low battery.

The only worry you will have is when there is a power outage. This phone does not have a battery backup.

If you need an amplified cordless phone with a battery backup, check out Clarity XLC 2.

Panasonic kx tg6592t Review: Calls

There is an option where you can receive a call by pressing any button. This Panasonic kx-tg6592t cordless phone allows you to block up to 30 numbers.

Telemarketers will not bother you at all. Its phonebook can store up to 100 contacts.

On the phone, you will see buttons labelled ABC. You can program these buttons for speed dialling.

Other Observations on Panasonic kx tg6592t Cordless Phone

This phone allows you to mount it on a wall.

Panasonic kx-tg6592t works with computer-based phone systems like Basic Talk and Magic Jack.

The buttons on this phone are big just like on all other Panasonic phones.

The font is large and bold. Anyone will read them easily even without eyeglasses.

This phone shows time on its home screen.

You get an amber illuminated keypad on these handsets, which is good if you are using this phone in the dark.

panasonic kx-tg6592t accessories

The manual of this phone has a small font, which may be hard for people with partial blindness to read.

Call waiting is available just like on many other Panasonic cordless phones.

Other features on the Panasonic kx-tg6592t include; handset locator, multiple language display, Distress function, charging indicator, signal indicator, alarm clock, intercom, conference call, redial memory for 20 contacts, remote operation and key lock.

Panasonic kx-tg6592t Price

The price of Panasonic kx-tg6592t varies depending on the seller you buy from.

The most important factor, however, is buying this phone from a trusted dealer who allows you to send it back in case it does not meet your needs.

Electronic products are very risky to deal with. A warranty is necessary.