panasonic batteries where to buyIf you want a Panasonic battery for any of the Panasonic devices you own, this is the place for you. Batteries naturally wear out over a certain period. Finding a replacement may prove difficult especially if the device you want to buy replacement batteries for is not common. Other times you can buy a replacement battery only to realize it is not compatible with your device.

Panasonic is a big company and it has sold hundreds of electronic devices over the years. Finding replacement batteries for a Panasonic device cannot be so difficult. Take caution so that you don’t end up buying a fake Panasonic battery.

Just to let you know, during manufacturing of these batteries, some fail to meet the required standard. However, because of fraud, the batteries that fail to meet the manufacturing standards still find a way into the market. Such batteries are often cheaper than the original ones. If you buy such a battery, it may only last for a month.

Here are the common Panasonic batteries available for sale.

Panasonic Cordless Phone Battery (HHR-P104A)

This Panasonic replacement battery fits in most of the Panasonic cordless phones. Confirm the model number of your battery before making purchase. A HHR-P103A battery cannot fit where a HHR-P104A battery fits. When you buy these Panasonic replacement batteries, they should last as long as the original batteries lasted.

Panasonic HHR-75AAA/B-10 Ni-MH

If your Panasonic cordless phone uses AAA batteries, these are the original Panasonic batteries to replace your current old batteries. Again, be careful when picking them. Pay attention to the model number and the mAh of the batteries. If you get an error message on your Panasonic phone saying “Use rechargeable batteries” then probably the batteries you bought are fake. It is unfortunate how sometimes getting the right battery for your phone may prove difficult.

Panasonic HHR-4DPA/2B Ni-MH

These Panasonic batteries are rechargeable. They come in several varieties and it is your work to find the exact model number that fits your cordless phone. Once you buy them, charge them first before using them.

If you are experiencing battery problems with your Panasonic phones, consider buying replacement batteries. Replacing batteries is much cheaper than buying a whole set of handsets.

Where to Buy

If you want to buy any of these Panasonic batteries or others not listed here, it is wise to get them from a trusted dealer. Though there is no guarantee for safety, Amazon is one place you can get these replacement Panasonic batteries.

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