Enjoy earning money on your cell phoneYou can make money using your cell phone in 3 easy ways. Yes! You can be a millionaire if you do any of the three investments described in this article.

However, this is not a ‘get rich quick scheme’. You have to work so hard and be patient just like in any ordinary investment for you to see meaningful results.

If you want easy money where you just click to earn $100 a day, try clixsense. Clixsense is a legit site where you click and earn. But you need patience before you can start earning $100 a day.

You will also need to spend money on these investments. The amount of money you need depends on you and the type of investment you choose.

The fact is the more money you invest, the greater your chances of success. However, having knowledge gives you a greater chance to succeed than having more money.

A combination of money and knowledge is your goldmine. If you are not ready to invest your time in learning, you will NEVER be rich.

Here are the three investments you can run entirely on your phone and be rich.

  1. Selling Photographs
  2. Forex trading
  3. Affiliate Marketing

Selling Photographs

Did you know that people actually buy and sell photos? Selling photos is a profitable business that you can do to make money on your cell phone. All you need is a good camera phone.

What type of photos do I sell?

You have to pick a niche. A niche is simply an area that you focus on.

For example, you may specialize in taking photos of wild animals, plants, children, electronics and so much more.

The more specific you are when choosing a niche, the greater your chances of success. Being specific when choosing a niche also reduces competition.

A big company may have specialized in taking photos of dogs, but you choose to take photos of sleeping dogs.

The big company may only have two pictures of sleeping dogs among their dog pictures collection.

Therefore, you stand a chance to get customers who want pictures of sleeping dogs.

Where do I sell my photos?

You can sell your photos on any photography company. Examples of photography companies include:

Consider selling your photos on a famous photography website that has many buyers.

However, famous photograph selling sites have stiff competition. Beginners may not stand a chance.

Creating an account as a seller is free. Posting photos for sell is also free. Don’t wait for anything, start today!

Who buys photographs online?

Bloggers, News websites, and companies. Bloggers buy photographs to put them on their blogs.

There are many free photos on Google images, but if they want specific photos they must buy them to avoid copyright infringement.

Do you see photographs on products? Companies must buy those photographs.

Must I be a professional photographer to start selling photographs?

No! Not at all. You only have to take ‘good enough’ photos that are unique.

However, there are minor skills you must learn to improve your photography skills. You can take an online photography course at udemy.

Must I buy a professional camera to take photos?

No. You can take photos using your phone. Just make sure your phone takes clear, crisp photos.

Buy a cheap phone with the best camera to start taking photos. However, if you have enough money to buy a camera, go ahead and buy one.

Buy cheap cameras. You will have an added advantage.

How much does each photo cost?

Prices per photo for newbies range between $0.25 and $0.80. There is no limit to how much money you can earn.

The greater the demand for your photo, the higher its price is. Different photography sites have different payment terms.  

Work your way up the ladder to enjoy great rewards.

Can selling photos online be a full-time investment?

Yes. If you are passionate about taking photographs, you can make a full-time income. Remember you must work hard.

When you are starting out, you will earn so little. Keep pushing and you will see great success.

What do I do to become a photographer?

Seek knowledge. Read photography books to grow your skills. Do Google searches. You can also watch photography tutorials on youtube.

Your success in photography depends on the knowledge you have.

Forex Trading

The second business you can do to make money using your cell phone is forex trading. Forex means foreign exchange.

All you do is track the constant changing rate of world currencies to know when to buy or sell a specific currency for profit.

You only need a phone with a good screen to do it.

However, Forex is the most technical investment on this list. I have no professional knowledge about forex but I have a friend who does.

I asked him to write a ‘simple’ explanation of what forex trading is. This is what he wrote:

What is forex trading?

Forex trading is the activity of speculating the exchange rate of different currency pairs with the aim of profiting from the fluctuations.

In the simplest of terms, a trader buys a certain currency against another at the lowest bid price possible and liquidates his position at a higher price for a profit.

How much should I Invest in Forex Trading?

The amount you need as your initial investment varies according to the amount of knowledge you have on trading.

A seasoned trader can open a new account with just $200 and grow it to thousands of dollars, while a newbie can lose a $10000 account.

The amount you need to start is inversely proportional to the knowledge you have.

However, if you only have basic knowledge, having studied forex trading for about a year or so, a $1000 account should be enough to start.

Will I lose money trading?

Yes, you will lose money trading. However, this should not scare you. Losing is part of the traders’ learning curve.

Even professional traders have losing days and months. The most important thing is to ensure you do not lose money twice on the same mistake.

In fact, controlling your fear of losing will be one of the hardest trading requirements you will need to attain.

Can forex trading replace my full-time job?

Once you attain a certain level of consistency in your trading results, you can comfortably make forex trading your full-time venture.

However, it takes time before you gain confidence to leave your job. With a well-funded account, meeting your financial needs from your trading profits will be a walk in the park.

What is copy trading?

Copy trading is a service offered by most forex brokers. It allows anyone having a trading account with the broker to copy trades from professional traders using the same broker.

This copies all the activities on the expert’s account. You will get profit if the person you are copying trades from gets a profit.

Copy trading is an easy option for newbie traders.

How do I know the traders to copy from?

Forex brokers list professional traders eligible for copy trading. Forex brokers rank traders depending on their trading record.

If you want to copy trades, you have to choose the trader you want to copy trades from. Pick a trader who has a consistent trading record.

Where do I learn Forex Trading?

There are both paid and free websites from where you can learn forex trading. You can learn forex trading on free sites like babypips.

Reading forex books for beginners is another way to gain knowledge.

Affiliate Marketing

The third business you can do to make money using your cell phone is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing only needs you to register with an affiliate program of your choice and share that link to potential customers.

What is affiliate marketing?

Promoting products and services online is called affiliate marketing. Many companies have affiliate programs which you can join free of charge.

Think of any online company such as Amazon then search for ‘amazon affiliate program’.

Which products do I promote in Affiliate Marketing?

Promote any product you like. For example, if you have signed up to be an Amazon associate, you can promote any product available for sale on Amazon.

If possible, promote products you have used before. Promote products you think they will sell more.

Where do I put my affiliate links?

Social Media and friends. Join groups on Facebook and promote products relevant to the audience.

For example, you can join a group of bicycle riders and promote bicycle spare parts. If your friend says they want to buy a new phone, ask them to use your affiliate link.

How much will I earn in affiliate marketing?

A few cents, hundreds of dollars, thousands of dollars and millions of dollars. You choose how much you want to earn.

If you manage to sell expensive products, you will earn big commissions. Selling many products means more commission.

The amount of commission a company pays also matters. If you find a company that pays 75% commission per sale, you will be rich.

How long does it take to make my first sale?

As long as you take to find a customer who will make a purchase. Think of anyone you know who wants to buy anything.

She is your first customer. Send her your link right away and make your first sale!

Can affiliate marketing be a full-time job?

Yes. If you apply the effort you normally apply on your full-time job, affiliate marketing will be a full-time venture for you.

How do I learn Affiliate Marketing?

Watch online tutorials on youtube. Do google searches and join affiliate marketing communities.


There are many other ways you can make money on your cell phone, but selling photographs, forex trading and affiliate marketing are the ones that can make you super rich.

If you want to invest in any of the above businesses but you have no money, you can take a loan on money lending sites like Ferratum. Don’t wait any longer, the time to invest in now!