lg b470 unlocked review
LG B470 flip phone

If you want to avoid the technical process of unlocking the LG B470, buy one that is already unlocked. 

Below is a full review of the LG B470 flip phone. You will read the pros and cons of the B740 in this review.

LG B470 Review

 This LG flip phone is suitable for elderly people. If your mom or dad is over 75 years and needs a phone, buy her this LG B470. It will be a good gift for her.

  • You can receive and end calls by flipping the phone. An elderly person who finds it difficult to locate specific buttons will love this phone.
  • The phone has an enhanced audio mode to help seniors who have a hearing problem.
  • Supports 3G network
  • Has a bright 2.2-inch screen with a smaller 0.98-inch screen on top. The smaller screen shows time and important notifications when you close the phone.

The bright screen enables seniors with vision problems to see well.

The font can be set to large to enable elderly people to read. 

  • The LG B470 supports Bluetooth.
  • You get up to 7 hours of talk time and 15 days of standby mode thanks to its 950 mAh removable battery.
  • This phone does not have an SD card slot but has an internal memory of 256 MB. 
  • The phone has a 1MP camera
  • The phone has speed dial buttons for family members’ contacts.

If an elderly person has a problem of accidentally pressing the power button, you can buy them this LG flip phone.

One downside of this phone is you cannot silence the sound it produces when you turn the phone off.

In case you visit a concert hall, you will have to bear the attention this phone will draw to you.

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Important: The LG B470 does not work with Verizon, Sprint, Net10 or any CDMA carrier.