Etiquette for Leaving any Whatsapp Group

You cannot fit in all WhatsApp groups. And if you don’t fit in, why should you stay there? We all deserve to feel loved.

If we cannot get the warmth we need from a Whatsapp group, we have the right to leave. No one is a slave to any group.

However, if you are leaving, do not cause chaos. The two things most people do is either leave without notice or leave after a quarrel, which are both wrong.

There is a proper way to leave a Whatsapp group chat and even maintain friendships with people who are still in the group.

Sometimes the groups we are in are so hard to leave because the people in those groups mean life to us. For example, how do you leave a family Whatsapp group? If you are employed and you are part of a work Whatsapp group, how do you leave?

In such cases, the stakes are high, which makes most people remain slaves in groups they don’t want to be part of. But there is a way out. No matter how difficult your situation seems, you can get your freedom.

First, let’s talk about the kind of Whatsapp groups you are to leave.

Duplicate Groups

If you are in any two or more Whatsapp groups that serve the same purpose, it is okay to leave one. You only need one group at work unless you are okay being in several groups.

A good example is when you are in a departmental group and in the main group at work. If you get the same updates in both groups, you can leave the main group and get information from your departmental group.

Groups With No Agenda

Even though a group may have people who know one another, there must be an agenda for it. There is no point of staying in a family Whatsapp group where people post random things.

Even if it is a family group, you must know what the group is addressing. Is the group made to plan for a family vacation, is it for passing some important communication, is it fundraising for one of the family members, etc

One of the ways to recognize a group with no agenda is they often have no leader or a clear leadership structure. Everyone cannot be an administrator.

When The Purpose is Done

The leader of a Whatsapp group must give people permission to leave the group once the purpose of the group is done. If the group was to plan for a vacation, once the vacation is done, people should leave unless there is another vacation coming.

If the next vacation is a long way to come, it is wise to disband the group and form another one at that time. If the group did not have a purpose in the first place, it should be dead.

You may also be in a group that was once important to you but it is no longer important. If you changed your job, what are you still doing in the Whatsapp group of your previous job?

Every time you look at your Whatsapp groups, you must know why you are in each of the groups.

How Not to Leave Whatsapp Groups

No matter what the cause of leaving a group is, etiquette requires that you don’t leave a mess behind. Here are common mistakes you need to avoid when leaving a Whatsapp group.

Leaving at Night

Leaving a Whatsapp group at midnight is a sign that you have fear. Leaving any time when you are sure no one is online, is a sign of weakness. Avoid it.

The proper time of leaving a group is when you have sorted out issues with your administrator. Stopping running away from a group like a thief. You have the right to leave, use it.

Leaving Without Notice

No one knows why you are leaving. If you leave without a notice, the remaining members of the group get confused. Everyone will have their own guess why you left but the bottom line is they all assume you are fade up with them.

Even if you are bored with them, it is good to let them know why you are leaving. If you tell them the reason, you give room for negotiations that will help everyone. If you cannot address members in the group, at least talk to the administrator.

Leaving after a Quarrel

Whether you were part of the quarrel or not, leaving a Whatsapp group immediately after disagreements is not good. It sends signals that you don’t care about the group.

If you have been part of the group during happy times, stay there even in dark times. Don’t leave a group because of quarrels unless they have become too much or the administrator has asked members to leave.

Leaving Without Feedback

If you say you are leaving a group, wait for a reply before clicking the ‘leave group’ button. Don’t dump your case and run away.

No one is chasing you. You have a right to leave anyway. If you texted the administrator and she is offline, wait until she comes back online. It is her group. She has a right to know why you are leaving.

Blocking the Admin

There are administrators who will bother you after you have left their group but that doesn’t mean you block them. In most cases, they follow you because you left in the wrong way.

If you do things right, in rare cases will an administrator follow you. Leaving a Whatsapp group is not equal to ruining a relationship with members of that group.

How to Leave a Whatsapp Group Politely

Step 1: Text the group administrator and state the real reason why you want to leave.

Step 2: Thank the administrator for the benefits you have enjoyed during the time you have been part of the group.

Step 3: Apologize for the wrongs you have done in the group.

Step 4: Ask for the opinion of the administrator over your desire to leave the group.

Step 5: Wish the group good as you leave

Step 6: Click the ‘leave group’ button and don’t forget to delete it.

Here is a sample message to send your Whatsapp group administrator when you want to leave his group.

Hello sir, I hope you are doing well. I want to leave [mention the group’s name] because it makes me [state the main reason]. I appreciate the benefits I have received for being a member of [mention the group’s name].

I am surely leaving a much better person. I am sorry for any wrongs I have done within the group either to you or any group member. I would love to know your opinion over my decision to leave [mention the group’s name].

I wish you and the group all the best as you continue [mention the group’s agenda]

If the administrator insists you stay, politely tell him how staying in the group affects you. Don’t blame him or anything in the group. If he still can’t let you go, tell him you are leaving and ask him not to add you back. If he adds you back, tell him you are leaving and blocking him and do exactly that.


Not all Whatsapp group administrators are mature; some will hate you for leaving their group even if you do it the right way. But remember you have the right to choose whether to be part of a group or not.

Other times, you may be the one who is immature. If you negotiate well with the administrator, you can stay. Sometimes, you just have to report things you are not happy with in the group and stay there. Wisdom is the principal thing.