Jitterbug smart is an easy to use smartphone for seniors. It runs a normal android system but when setting it up, you can set it to senior mode.

The senior mode is dead easy to use with a simple list menu. At the top of the screen, you will see two tabs. One for the menu and the other for your contacts.

Jitterbug Smart Specs

Screen 5.5-inch
Resolution 720×1280
Main Camera 5 MP
Selfie Camera 2 MP
Bluetooth Yes, 4.0
Connectivity 4G
SD Card Slot Yes
Dimensions 6×3.1×0.4 inch
Weight 6.1 Ounces
Android Version 5.1 Lollipop
Processor Snapdragon 210
Headphone Jack Yes, 3.5 mm
Wi-Fi Yes
Wi-Fi Hotspot Yes


Jitterbug Smart Features

The icons and the font are huge. Most people with poor vision will easily read the writings on the screen. The screen is also big and bright just like most of the smartphones.

Jitterbug Smart allows you to download apps from the Playstore and use them like on normal android phones.

Send and receive emails and texts. However, when using the senior mode, functions are much easier to access than the normal android layout.

Unlocking this phone is different. Unlike on Android phones where you enter either a pattern or swipe, on this Jitterbug, you click 3 circles to unlock.

Seniors with big and heavy fingers will appreciate how spacious the icons are. Chances of clicking the wrong function are less than on a normal android phone.


This Jitterbug smart works only with Greatcall. However, you can still maintain your phone number from other carriers when you start using this phone.

jitterbug smart

Call Greatcall customer care to get assistance on shifting your number to their service.

This phone will not work in other countries because it is locked only to greatcall network. However, Jitterbug smart may still work in neighbouring countries that have Greatcall network.

For a seniors’ smartphone that works worldwide, check out the DORO 8040.    

To help seniors who have a typing problem, there is a voice to text function. You can as well send a voice note.

When the phone locks, it shows time, date, and battery life on the lock screen.

When using this smartphone for seniors, you will pay a minimum monthly fee of $17.50. There are additional tax charges that vary from state to state.

This phone feels solid in the hand. You can buy a cover for this Jitterbug smart here.


The battery on this Jitterbug smartphone is non-removable. With continuous heavy usage, the battery will last for about 5 hours. But with average use, you will need to charge once a day.

Jitterbug Smart Cons

Answering calls on this Jitterbug phone is hard for seniors. You have to hold a small phone icon at the centre and push it to the right.

Seniors with memory problems will definitely struggle to receive calls.

The screen is too sensitive. When you put this phone in your pocket, it will easily dial itself and make unwanted calls.

It is very easy to accidentally switch on the aeroplane mode. It turns on when you swipe down from the home screen. Most seniors may switch it on and miss calls.

There are advertisements that pop up frequently.

When paying the monthly bill, there are hidden charges. And In case of overage, the charges will shoot to unbelievable figures. The transparency of tracking data usage is lacking.

Volume is too low. Hearing people talking on the phone is hard. The ring volume is not as loud as you would expect a phone for the elderly to be.


If you need a simple phone for texting and calling, check out the LG B470 flip phone.

This Jitterbug Smart will work fine for seniors but it would be better if you check out the newer version Jitterbug Smart 2. A few of the errors have been solved on the new model.

If you wish to buy this Jitterbug Smart, make sure you get it from trusted dealers at the recommended price.