Jitterbug smart 2 is the improved version of the old Jitterbug smartphone. On this new smartphone, there are significant improvements. But is this phone worth your money?

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jitterbug smart 2 phone for seniors

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Most of the features remain the same as the old phone. However, on this new phone, there is a 2 GB RAM and 16 GB internal storage capacity. The old phone had 1 GB RAM and 8 GB ROM.

The Camera on this phone is 13 MP compared to the 8 MP of the previous phone. Photos taken on this camera are average but good enough for seniors.

Jitterbug maintained the screen size at 5.5 inches. A 5.5 inch allows this phone to have its huge font and big icons to help seniors with poor vision.

The menu is still a list menu and it is very easy to use. Even if this is the first smartphone an elderly person will be using, he will learn it easily.

You get other obvious features that Android phones have such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS. Actually, this Jitterbug smart 2 is an android phone with modifications to suit seniors.

The sound on this Jitterbug smartphone is average though the manufacturer claims it is hearing aid compatible. Its sound cannot compare to amplified cordless phones like the Panasonic KX-TGM450S.

The earpiece is loud to the level of common smartphones. If you are looking for a phone for a hearing impaired person, do not buy this phone.

Other Jitterbug Smart 2 Features

You will enjoy how easy it is to send and receive text messages on this phone. Sending emails is also very easy. On this phone, you only need to scroll down on the list menu to find the email app and click it.

The issue of the screen being too sensitive has been resolved on this new Jitterbug phone. Making unwanted calls will not be a problem anymore.

The keyboard is easy to learn and use. A senior may struggle at first but they will definitely get used to it.

Download any of your favourite apps like Uber, Whatsapp and Facebook. Get any apps you want from the playstore.

The big storage space will allow you to download all these apps and if you run out of space, you can add a micro SD card.

The battery on this phone is non-removable and it will power the phone for a full day. You will have to charge it once every day, but when it wears out, you will need more frequent charging.

There is no speed dial on this phone. This phone has no buttons to program. To get speed dial, you can check out the LG B470 flip phone.

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Jitterbug GreatCall Service

This Jitterbug smart 2 works only with GreatCall service. This means Jitterbug is a locked phone and can only work in the United States.

If you registered with any other network, you will have to shift. When you buy this phone, you can activate it by either calling GreatCall customer care or visiting their website.

GreatCall allows you to maintain your current phone number if you wish. Their customer care agents will give you the necessary direction on the same.

Cons of Jitterbug Smart 2

The functionality of the phone is great except for some crucial matters.

Setting up the phone is tough. Part of the reason is GreatCall customer care will not give you any help most of the time.

It may take you 5 hours of trying to call them or being forwarded to different agents. The only option you will have left is to return this phone.

There are many hidden charges. You will pay a $35 activation fee before you even choose your monthly subscription package.

The monthly package charges are also suspicious. Sometimes you may find an extremely huge bill, which you are sure you did not spend.


Jitterbug smart 2 is easy to use but setting it up is a nightmare. The sound is not loud enough for people with hearing problems and you can only use this phone with GreatCall service.

If you want the best smartphone for seniors, check out the Doro 8040. If you buy this Jitterbug smartphone, you will most likely return it after having wasted a good amount of money and time.

However, if you are buying this Jitterbug smartphone, get it on Amazon where returning it is easy.