Jitterbug flip phone is suitable for seniors. The manufacturer made it assist elderly people during emergencies and in basic communication.

Here are things you must know about Jitterbug flip phone before buying it.

Jitterbug Phone Review: Pros

Jitterbug phone has big spacious buttons. You will immediately agree these buttons are made for people who have a problem distinguishing between small buttons.

The keypad is super easy to use. Seniors who have heavy hands will enjoy using Jitterbug flip phone.

The phone is loud enough and clear for seniors. It will still work well for elderly people who are hard of hearing.

You will only have to adjust its volume to maximum. However, it cannot compare to a cordless amplified phone like Panasonic kx-tgm450s.

The menu of this Jitterbug flip phone is super easy to use. It has YES and NO options, which seniors will find dead easy to work with.

You can receive a call by opening the phone and end a call by closing it. It is a good feature to include on a seniors’ phone as most of them have difficulties locating the end call button.

This phone has a camera. The photos are obviously not HD but good enough to keep memories.

You can send and receive text messages on this phone. 

Jitterbug Flip Phone Review: Cons

This phone is not durable at all! It develops complications at most after 3 months.

It fails to ring 80% of the time when there is an incoming call. Sometimes, it goes to voicemail direct during a call.

It has very poor network coverage. Most of the time, it will tell you ‘not in service’ especially if you live in a rural area.

This Jitterbug phone has Bluetooth connectivity but it barely identifies close Bluetooth devices. You cannot connect it to your car Bluetooth. It cannot identify even Bluetooth speakers.

It is so frustrating!
After some period, its battery starts draining so fast. You will have to charge it for long hours every day.

A simple flip phone like the LG B470 beats it in terms of holding charge.

There is no normal speed dial. You have to follow a procedure, which they claim is simple to set up what works as a speed dial.

Jitterbug flip phone works only with GreatCall service. This means it cannot work outside the United States.

Customer care service takes years to pick up your call.

And if you are lucky to have your call picked after 2 hours of waiting, the customer care agent is actually a marketer. They will push you to buy expensive subscriptions.

You will be charged $35 for activation apart from other services you have paid for. There are so many hidden charges.

If you are buying a Jitterbug replacement phone, you will have to pay $35 activation fee again.


Jitterbug flip phone is only good if you have used one before and it worked well for you.

Otherwise, there are so many complaints against their poor customer care service and swindling people with hidden charges, which they claim are taxes.

If you want to buy a flip phone, I recommend you look for other options. If you already have a jitterbug flip phone that has the complications mentioned above, just consider buying a new phone. It may be more expensive but in the long-term it will save you a lot of money and frustration.

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