Jethro SC729 is a good phone for the elderly. Its impressive features target seniors.

If you want a phone for your elderly mum or dad, the Jethro SC729 is the best pick. Read the full review of Jethro SC729 below.

Jethro SC729 specs

  • 4 inch Bright LCD Screen
  • Two themes (Black background and white background)
  • Keeps up to 200 contacts in its phonebook
  • The phone has 9-speed dial keys
  • Supports up to 12 languages (English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Russian, Punjabi, Swedish, Hebrew, and Chinese)
  • Has 3 family dial keys
  • Reads out numbers to you when you press them
  • It also says ‘volume up’ when you press the volume button
  • Has excellent battery life. You can talk for one hour even after the phone says the battery is empty.
  • The phone has large buttons that are easy to dial
  • You can adjust the font from small to medium to large
  • Speakers are loud. You can speak to people even when your phone is lying on the table. At its loudest, you can hear the phone ring from different rooms if you use it as a home phone.
  • You can change the ringtone, volume and keypad sounds
  • The power button is different from the end call button, which prevents accidental call ends.

The cons of Jethro SC729

  • Camera, torch and volume buttons stick out of the phone. You accidentally press them many times when you are handling the phone.
  • The keyboard turns off during calls so that when you need to dial numbers during the call, you have to press a button to switch it on again. Even ending a call requires you to press the end call button twice, once to wake the screen and the second to end the call.
  • The manual of this phone has scanty information. You will have to call their customer care to clarify some settings.
  • The backlight is too bright even when you set it to minimum. You cannot reduce it to save battery life.
  • Long caller IDs do not show up full on screen. You will have to wait for them to scroll before deciding whether to answer or not.


Any elderly person who has hearing or seeing problems will enjoy using this awesome brand, Jethro SC729. An elderly person will appreciate how easy it is to charge this phone.

Instead of struggling to fit a cable in a charging port, all he does is drop the phone on its stand. It has loudspeakers to help anyone with hearing problems.

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Important: Jethro SC729 is not compatible with Verizon and Sprint. You will have to use AT&T 3G, T-Mobile 2G/3G and other carriers on these networks.