Is Social Media Bad for Students?

Social media has brought up a huge debate in schools. Many people are divided on whether social media is good or bad for students. Some teachers discourage their students from using social media.

Others endorse the use of social media by students. Who among them is right? Everyone has his own view on social media use by students. Here is an analysis of this matter that is common in schools today.

What exactly is Social Media?

It is ironical if you debate about social media when in the first place you don’t know what it is. Is social media Facebook? Is social media all the social platforms on the internet? What are we dealing with?

In a few words, social media refers to online platforms that enable people to share information, feelings, ideas, hobbies, photos and much more. If that is what social media is, how does it affect students?

What is wrong with students sharing their feelings and hobbies online? It sounds as if people just hate social media for no good reason.

How does Social Media affect Students?

Most teachers and parents blame poor performance in class by students to social media use. However, if you look at the matter critically, that is not always the case. The common notion is that a student who uses social media will perform poorly in school.

A student can still be active on social media and do well in school. Talking to friends on Facebook does not take away the intelligence of a student. The cause of poor performance in school by students is poor time management.

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Students, just like parents are victims of wasting productive time on social media. In fact, students copy their parents. The very parents who complain that their children are performing poorly in school because of social media are the same parents whom bosses at work complain because of their excessive social media use.

If a student spends majority of his time on social media, definitely he will post poor performance in school. The case is true for everyone else. However, if a student spends controlled time on social media, it won’t affect his performance in school.

Parents and Teachers, Be Considerate

Social media is not necessarily bad for students. It has its own positive and negatives. Everyone has a choice on what positives and what negatives to allow social media to cause in their lives.

Our lives are full of addictions. Social media is one of them. Rather than punishing students for using social media, why not teach them the good and bad of social media and let them make a choice?

It is not as if students don’t want to learn, but it is the craving for pleasure that all human beings have that drives them to social media. If students know the importance of good grades in school, they won’t waste their time on social media.

Punishing them for using social media will only make them hate school more. In the end, if a student hates school, they will find another distraction when social media is taken away from them.

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Is Social Media Bad for Students?

Social media is neutral. How a student uses social media is what determines whether it is good for them or not. If it is possible, let students be deprived of social media. However, if depriving them of social media causes more harm than good, let them have it.

The best action for parents and teachers to take if they want to help their children do well in school without wasting time on social media is to lay out the consequences of using social media.

Let students know that if they fail, they will repeat the class. Set strict pass marks and let students do what they want. At the end of the day, enforce the set standards. Let how students spend their time be none of your business.

Human beings cannot be controlled and students are human beings. The most important thing is to let them decide for themselves what their lives will become. If they choose destruction, so be it.