Is It Rude to Leave a Whatsapp Group?

Sometimes, we find ourselves in Whatsapp groups that are boring. But leaving them is never as easy as it seems. It is not that we don’t know how to leave them, but handling the emotional part is the challenge. We often ask ourselves, what if I will need this group some day?

Sometimes we are afraid of the guilt of leaving a Whatsapp group especially if people in that group are our seniors or family. But let us be honest, even the closest people to us can be boring and that does not mean we have to tolerate all their nonsense.

If you are struggling with guilt for leaving a Whatsapp group, stay tuned. You have every right to leave. The only thing you have to remember is to leave with respect.

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Why Leaving a Whatsapp Group is not Necessarily Rude

Every human being has free will to choose what they want. The free will also means you can change your mind at any time. If at the time of joining the Whatsapp group you had great expectations, which shattered immediately you joined, you have the right to leave.

Speak out your mind and seek your freedom. Leaving a Whatsapp group is not necessarily rude, though it may be sometimes. The process of leaving the group is what determines whether leaving is respectful or rude.

The following shows rude ways and respectful ways of leaving a Whatsapp group

Rude Ways

Respectful Ways

Leaving group at night Leaving during the day
Leaving after a quarrel Leaving when there is peace
Leaving without a word Leaving after communicating
Leaving without a valid reason Leaving with a credible reason
Wishing the group evil when you leave Wishing the group blessings when you leave
Blocking the admin when you leave Keeping open communication with the admin after you leave
Leaving immediately you are added to the group Leaving after staying in the group for sometime
Leaving because you broke the group rules Leaving having kept all the group rules
Leaving without ever talking in the group Leaving after active participation in the group
Claiming the group is useless when you leave Thanking the group for all their usefulness when you leave
Leaving when you know you will still want to be part of the group Leaving when you are sure of the decision you are making

These are some of the ways that determine if leaving a Whatsapp group is rude or not.

If You are Accused of Being Rude

Let’s face it. Sometimes, it is the members of the Whatsapp group who are childish. You may have done everything right when leaving but they follow you and insist you were rude. In such circumstances, ignore them.

Your duty is to do what is right. If it hurts someone that you did the right thing, then that is their problem. Leaving a Whatsapp group does not cause division unless one person is asking for it. Just don’t be the one.

When accusations come, don’t defend yourself. Keep calm and move on with life. You will find better Whatsapp groups that have mature people. Also, it shows that you are growing.

How to Avoid Being Dragged into Stupid Whatsapp Groups

You may have woken up to find yourself added to some Whatsapp group that you didn’t want to be part of. In such a case, contact the person who added you to the group and ask them to tell you the agenda of the group.

Let the admin give you a chance to say whether you are willing to stay in the group or you want to leave. If you do not like the group, tell him upfront that you want to leave. It is good manners to seek someone’s consent before adding them to a Whatsapp group.

If you cannot make a conclusion at that time, ask for more time. Let him allow you to stay in the group for some time then give feedback later.


Let no one accuse you of being rude when you leave his Whatsapp group. Being part of a Whatsapp group is a choice not an obligation. Follow the right principles when leaving the group and let no one condemn you.