How to Stop People From Adding you to Whatsapp Groups

It is annoying when you switch on your Whatsapp only to find yourself in a group you don’t want to be part of. Etiquette demands that someone should at least ask you if you are willing to be part of a group before he adds you.

But that barely happens. The most common way of saving yourself has been to leave the group. But that is difficult especially if the person adding you to the group is a close friend or family member.

Some groups are aimless and only waste your time. Sometimes the topic of discussion in the groups you are added to is senseless.

Thanks to developers at Whatsapp, you can now decide who can add you to groups and who cannot. Just by going to your settings, you can put all the stress of finding yourself in strange Whatsapp groups behind you.

Here is how you can access those settings.

  • When you open your Whatsapp, click on the three dots at the top right hand corner. The app will pop up a window with several options. Click on the last option which is to access
  • You will be led to the settings tab with several options about your account, chats, notifications, data usage and help. Click on the first option, your account settings.
  • The window that comes up also has several options. From the options, click on Privacy, which is the first option.
  • In the privacy settings, scroll down to the section written on By default, the option shows everyone. That means that everyone can add you to their Whatsapp groups.
  • When you click on the option, you will see three options; everyone, my contacts and my contacts except…
  • Choose my contacts if you want only people on your contact list to add you to groups. If you have some people on your contact list that you don’t want to add you to their groups, click on the third option my contacts except…
  • The app will display all your contacts. Choose those you don’t want to give permission.
  • Click on the green tick button in the bottom right corner when you are done.
  • Congratulations! You have successfully blocked people from adding you to whatsapp groups that you don’t want.

If someone wants to add you to a Whatsapp group, they will have to contact you first. Unless you change those settings, nobody you have blocked will add you to any Whatsapp group.

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