How to Recover Contacts From Your Lost Android Phone

If you have lost your phone and you are wondering how to get back all your contacts, this article is for you. Unlike the old days when losing your phone meant you start from scratch, nowadays, losing a phone is not a big deal. The only thing actually lost is your physical phone because you can recover almost all information you had in your phone.

If you had an android phone, chances are you had set up a gmail account for it. It is normally part of the setup process and it is hard to skip it. In fact, if you have not set up a gmail account for your android phone, you cannot access most of the applications.

When you save a contact on your phone, the phone will ask you where you want to save it to. Normally, you save the contact either on your phone memory, your sim memory, or your gmail account. You can recover your contact numbers if you saved them on your sim memory and gmail account.

If you are worried that you may not have saved your contacts to your gmail account, fear not. It is the default setting for most android phones.

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How to Recover Contacts Saved on Your sim Card

Contacts saved on your sim card are easy to recover. All you have to do is reach out to your service provider and ask them to swap the information from your lost sim to a new sim. You will get all your contacts there.

However, you may not get other information such as the call logs and text messages they sent. Such information is stored on the phone memory.

How to Retrieve Gmail Contacts

The easiest way to get back your gmail contacts after you have lost your phone, is to sign in to your gmail account using the new phone. Once you sign in to your gmail account on your new phone, give permission for your phone to sync information.

Immediately, all the contacts saved on your gmail account will appear in your contact list. If you had saved contacts on different Gmail accounts, sign in with all the gmail accounts to get your contacts.

If you don’t have a phone but you want to access your contacts, log in to your gmail account on a desktop. Once you are in the inbox tab, click on the Google apps menu in the top right hand corner. The menu is represented by nine dots that form a square. When you hover on it, it will show you Google to recover gmail contacts

In the drop down menu, click on contacts. You will be able to see all the contacts that you saved to that particular email.


If you didn’t save your contacts to your gmail account or sim card, it is hard to retrieve them. The next time you buy an android phone, make sure you setup a gmail account for it and save your contacts there.

Saving contacts to your gmail account is simple. Once you type the number you want to save in the keypad, click add to contacts. Then click add new contact. On the list that comes up, make sure you specify you want to save your contact to your gmail account.

It is normally the default for many phones though. Have your internet connection on and sync on. That way you won’t fear losing your contacts when you lose your phone.