stop a phone from being tracked

How to Stop Your Phone from Being Tracked

While phones have been the instruments of communication, they can also be used by spies, whether legally or illegally. But if it is legal, there is nothing to worry about. Perhaps your phone is tracked for some other reasons that would not be harmful on your end, but when used illegally by the spies, then you need to take action and save the situation by following these hacks:

#1. Turn off the location settings

When your location settings on your smartphone or iPhone device is on, it would be easy for someone tracking you to follow your footsteps. In this case, you need to also clear the location history to ensure that your previous locations are not saved.

#2. Turn on the limit ad tracking feature on your iPhone or Android

Both Android and iOS phones come with a feature that enables you to limit ad tracking. In order to limit ad tracking on Android, you need to go to your settings, privacy, advanced, ads, and then you can turn on the limit ad button.

While on iOS phones, you need to go the same way; settings, privacy, advertising, then limit ad tracking button.

#3. Turn off Wi-Fi

You can’t be safe without turning off your phone Wi-Fi or cell radios on your phone. To accomplish that with ease, you can turn the whole system of your phone in an airplane mode. When you so, the Wi-Fi and cellular radios are shut down.

#4. Use private browser

If you must check into the internet, you need to ensure that you remain anonymous, and you can use the incognito tab on your phone, or use a VPN to ensure that your browsing data is not stored on your phone, or that you remain anonymous while browsing.

#5. Check app permissions

Whether you are using an Android phone or an iPhone, some apps that you use demands that you allow to read your phone for them to function normally. If you are in a situation of emergency, you don’t need those apps and you can disable these apps completely, or you can as well clear all the app caches.

#6. Switch off your phone completely

If you are under malicious tracking, you can do away with your phone by switching it off completely, and you can also remove the battery.

#7. Report

Even after doing all these and you believe that you are not safe, you should also report the same for better advice regarding your security.

You can as well watch the video below to get more on how you can stop or prevent your phone from being tracked: