How to Prevent People From Leaving Your Whatsapp Group

It is sad to see people leaving your Whatsapp group especially after doing a lot of work building it. Keeping members in the group is hard. Unfortunately, people love the crowd mentality.

If they see people leaving, they will also follow them even if they have no good reason for leaving. For you as an admin, it is a nightmare. If you try to ask those who have left why they left, most of them will block you.

Therefore, what do you do as an admin when suddenly people start leaving your Whatsapp group? What can you do to prevent them from leaving? Let us solve this dilemma by answering some questions.

Why Would Someone Choose to Leave Your Whatsapp Group?

People don’t just leave Whatsapp groups. They often have reasons why they are leaving. Sometimes they may be kind to tell you why they are leaving while other times, they prefer to be silent about it.

Whatever the case, not all reasons that people have for leaving your Whatsapp group are justified. But the first step towards preventing people from leaving your Whatsapp Group is by knowing what is making them leave.

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It is difficult to generalize the reasons why people leave Whatsapp groups, but here are some common reasons.

No Agenda

If your group does not have a specific agenda, people will leave. If you created a Whatsapp group for your family, just because someone is a family member does not mean they will stay in the group.

A group must have a specific agenda. For example, you may have a family group but it is specifically for sharing job opportunities. Other family issues are part of AOBs. With such a specific agenda, you will more likely retain people.

Adding People without their Consent

People will leave your Whatsapp group if you add them without their consent. Everyone wants to have his free will. Forcing people into your group is a sure way of making people leave.

Before adding people into the group, send them a simple message asking them if they are willing to be part of the group. State to them the agenda of the group and the reason why you want them to be part of it.

Too Strict Rules

People don’t like rules. They say too many rules spoil the fun. If your Whatsapp group has too many rules, people will leave. You can have rules but make sure they are easy rules to keep.

Allow people to have freedom in your group. Strict rules are a sure way of sending people out of your group.

Too Many Groups

This is a reason you have no control over. Most people nowadays complain of being bombarded by too many messages from Whatsapp groups. Therefore, they opt to leave as many Whatsapp groups as they can.

Unfortunately, people will leave your Whatsapp group as part of their plan to cut down on the many messages they receive.

How to Stop People from Leaving Your Whatsapp Group

Currently, there is no feature on Whatsapp that can prevent people from leaving your group. However, you can apply some techniques to make sure people don’t leave your group. See what tricks work for you.

Pass Important Information Once a Week

In your group, make sure you have important information to pass across per week or per month. With such a strategy, anyone who wants to leave the group will have to miss the weekly important information.

For example, in your family Whatsapp group, you can be announcing the ‘member of the month’ depending on how people have contributed in the group. You can then give them a small reward.

That way, even when someone is bored with the group, they may stick around just to see who will be the member of the month. You can think of other creative and catchy things to keep people hooked in your group.

Ask Members to Set Group Rules

Instead of setting rules in the group, give the members an opportunity to set their own rules. Only modify the rules when necessary. If members set their own rules, they will be more attached to the group than if you set rules for them.

Make a Simple Schedule

Making a simple schedule is a way to counter the issue of people leaving because of too many groups. What you want is to make sure people don’t see your group as a time wasting group.

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You can set a few days in a week where people chat freely. On other days, you encourage people to focus on their work. With minimal time spent in the group, people won’t see being part of the group as a burden.

Delegate duties

Don’t make your Whatsapp group a one man show. Make sure most members feel part of the group by giving them work. The duties can be as simple as making a specific person an admin for a week.

Create Friendships

Friendships keep people together. Encourage your members to chat privately in their inboxes. You can set a day where a member chats with another member who he has never spoken to and then he gives a report in the group.

In the end, friendships will keep people in the group. The stronger the bond the greater the chances of people staying in the group.

Important Things to Note

You cannot please everyone

No matter how hard you try, there are people who will still hate your group and leave. You may do everything right but still lose people from your Whatsapp group. Don’t let it discourage you when you lose one or two people in your group.

Respect People’s Choices

Sometimes, people will have weird reasons for leaving your group. As an admin, don’t be clingy. Allow people to leave your group if they choose to. There is no benefit in having people in your group who don’t want to be part of it.


There is no magic trick to prevent people from leaving your Whatsapp group. Being part of a Whatsapp group is a choice and everyone has the free will to choose. It is your duty as an admin of the group to ensure people prefer to be part of your group.

Running a Whatsapp group is hard and if you fail once don’t be afraid to create another one.