How to Leave a Whatsapp Group Secretly

Leaving a Whatsapp group is not always as easy as it sounds. Pressing the leave button is easy but the emotional part is tough for many people. It is not hard to find people stuck in several groups that they wish they were not part of.

Gathering the courage to leave that annoying Whatsapp group may be too hard for you. But that does not mean you have to stay in the boring group. Thanks to Whatsapp, you can now leave any group secretly.

You can leave a group without anyone being notified that you left. The only way group members will know you left is if they look at the list of group members. They will not know when you left the group.

So, how exactly do you leave a Whatsapp group without a notification?

Disable Group Notifications

Whatsapp allows you to mute group notifications. When you mute group notifications, you won’t receive notifications about new messages in that group. With the same mute function, you can set it such that when you leave, no ‘left’ message is sent to the group.

To mute a Whatsapp group, open your Whatsapp then long press the group you want to leave secretly. When the group is selected, look for the mute icon at the top. When you click the mute button, it will give you three options.

You can choose to mute the group for 8 hours, 1 week or 1 year. Pick whatever choice you want. Then at the bottom of that menu, make sure the ‘show notifications’ section is unchecked. That way, you won’t receive notifications from the group and neither will they be notified when you leave.

Another Option

In case you doubt that the above method may not work for you, there is another way. With this method, group members will know someone has left but they won’t know who has left. This is how you can use method 2.

Change your number

First, you need a different sim card to use this method. Go to your Whatsapp and click the drop down menu from the top right corner. On the menu, go to settings. Under settings, click on account.

On the account menu, click change number. Follow instructions to enter the old number and new number. A confirmation message will be sent to your new number before the change is complete.

Once you have changed your number, you will be anonymous in all groups. Make sure no one in the group has saved the number you are switching to. With the anonymity, you can leave the group you want.

Once you leave, you can change your number back to the ordinary number. In case the admin wants to follow the number that left, there will be no account for it.

Sad Reality

You can use ingenious ways to leave a Whatsapp group secretly. However, sooner or later, people will know you left and you will have to explain yourself. In fact, it will be a lot tougher since you did it in secret.

To help you solve this menace of leaving a boring Whatsapp group, read the following articles. Read Is it Rude to Leave a Whatsapp Group? if you feel leaving a Whatsapp group is rude. This article will help you overcome the condemnation that holds you back from leaving.

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Finally, read Examples of Excuses to Use When Leaving a Whatsapp Group. This article will give you practical examples of excuses to use in case you are confronted for leaving a Whatsapp group.

With these three articles, you will be able to put to an end the fear of leaving a Whatsapp group. You will have the courage to speak up your mind and do what pleases you. Groups don’t have to be prisons.

It is Worth the Struggle

The process of learning how to confidently leave a Whatsapp group is tough. It is so tough that you preferred to look for ways to leave secretly by searching for this article. However, you can decide today to learn and have it help you the rest of your life.

The good thing is that you can use these skills to leave any other group in your life that you are not comfortable with. If you want to fully take control of your life and never be a victim of guilt and fear, you can buy a book called Boundaries: When to Say Yes and When to Say No to Take Control of Your Life written by Dr. Henry Cloud.