How to Keep a Whatsapp Group Active

It is the dream of every Whatsapp group admin to keep his group active. However, keeping a Whatsapp group active demands a lot. Many times as an admin, you are clueless on what to do to revive a dying group.

Before we jump into the science of keeping a Whatsapp group active, it is important to understand some truths. Having these truths will give you a head start when it comes to keeping your group active.

Members Keep the Group Active

To keep a group active, it takes the effort of more than one person. The admin alone cannot keep a group active unless he has a team of supportive members. In fact, it is the members of a group that do most of the work when it comes keeping a group active.

If you are an admin, don’t carry the whole burden when your group is inactive. Rather, share it with your members.

Active is not Noisy

An active group does not necessarily have to have many messages. Most of the time, people only believe a group is active when there are hundreds of messages per day. However, that is not necessarily true.

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A Whatsapp group can be active with a handful of messages per day. Depending with the agenda of the group, you will know how many messages are enough to keep it active.

Percentage of Participants

If you have a small percentage of the group who do most of the talking, the group is inactive regardless of the number of messages it gets. How active a Whatsapp group is depends on the percentage of people within the group that actively participate in group activities.

Of course, some people will be secret followers but it is your duty as an admin to make sure there is variety in your group. Have a substantial percentage of group members contributing in the group.

What to do to keep a Whatsapp Group Active

 Ask easy questions

If you want to keep your group members talking, ask them easy questions. Ask questions that are broad and easy to understand. Most people are not intelligent.

Asking questions that have specific answers is a bad idea if you want to keep your group active. With questions that have specific answers, once the answer is given, there is nothing more to talk about.

Broad questions are subject to controversies and arguments. Such questions are often emotional. It is hard for people to restrain themselves from airing their opinion.

Asking questions is one of the easiest ways to light up a fire in the group. Ask only one question at a time and allow members to argue over it the whole day. Your duty is to regulate the conversation in case it gets out of hand.

Minimize chat time in the group

To keep a group active, set low expectations for your members. Let it be a requirement for group members to be active in the group for a very short time each day. About half an hour per day is enough.

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The reason for spending less time in the group is that it will feel less of a burden for group members to be active in the group. Most people have other activities to do. Keeping them hooked in your group for hours is difficult.

In addition, most group members will believe the group is active with only a few minutes of activity each day. When the barrier for the group to be active is set very low, it becomes easy to keep the group active.

Have Physical Connections

To increase the chances of your Whatsapp group being active, do your best to have physical connections with members of the group. Have a meet up occasionally if possible.

Naturally, it is easy to chat in a group where you know the group members physically. When most members know one another outside the group, keeping them active within the group is easy.

If you cannot have physical meetings, try to create bonds with group members in their inboxes. Once you have several members in the group who have a bond with you, it is easy to retain them in the group and keep them active.

You can be sure such people will answer any question you ask in the group, laugh at any joke you make and respond to your messages.

Play the long game

Have a long-term plan for your group. As an admin, your work is to drip feed your group members with the plan you have for them. The group will be active as long as the agenda still stands.

If there is no agenda, the group will die no matter how hard you try. Make the agenda simple and easy to follow.


Keeping a Whatsapp group active can be done easily when you apply some of the suggestions mentioned above. You don’t have to follow all of the suggestions, but at least follow some.

Give group members time to have their own lives apart from the group and they will reciprocate by being active in your group.