How to Increase Your Smartphone’s Battery Life

The battery in your phone is one of the fastest degrading components. Every time your phone is on, the battery is in use. With all that hard work, phone batteries lose their ability to hold charge for long fast.

To make matters worse, most people unknowingly speed up the degrading process by indulging in bad battery practices. Good battery practices on your phone will not keep your battery from degrading but they will elongate the life span of your battery.

Is it better to apply good battery practices and extend your battery life for over a year or waste it and buy another phone within a year? If you prefer to go by healthy battery practices, here are tips that will help you do that.

Charge Your Phone at 15%

Have you ever wondered why phones notify you when the battery level gets to 15%? Most people assume it is just to remind you of the amount of charge left. If you are careful, you will notice that at 15%, your phone notifies you the battery power is low and it asks you to connect your charger.

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If you ever ignore this message, you are among the people who practice bad battery life habits. It is good for your battery’s health if you charge it when it gets to 15%. Even better, you can start charging your phone before it warns you.

Rest Your Phone

The other healthy behavior to practice to lengthen the span of your battery is to let your phone idle while charging. It is tempting to keep using the phone while it is charging. However, using your phone while it is charging will strain your battery.

And with much straining comes quick degrading. If you must use your phone, then unplug it from the socket. In the same manner, if your phone heats up while charging, unplug it to let it cool.

Charge Time

Practice charging your phone for short periods. Don’t leave your phone charging overnight. It is not healthy to bombard your battery with unnecessary power. It will speed up the degradation process.

In addition, don’t charge your battery to 100%. At best, charge your phone to 80%. Put as little strain on your battery as possible when it comes to charging. That way, you will keep it healthy for a long period.

Switch Off your Phone

When last did you switch off your phone? Most people barely turn off their phones nowadays. They go to bed but leave their phones on overnight. Phones have to endure staying on from the day they were bought until the day they spoil.

If you want a long battery life for your phone, consider switching off your phone especially at night. Among other benefits of switching off your phone at night, you will increase the lifespan of your battery.


Most smartphones today have the automatic shutdown function. Set the time you want your phone to go off every day so that you won’t have to switch it off daily. By switching off your phone, you are putting your battery to rest for at least 8 hours a day. In a year, you would have saved 4 months of battery life.

Black off the Screen

Most of the battery power is used to power up your screen. If your screen is bright, it will use more battery power. Therefore, set screen brightness to the lowest level possible. The recommendation is that you set screen brightness manually.

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Auto-brightness is no better than having a bright screen. To enhance low brightness, use as much dark colors as you can. Set your wallpaper black or any other dark color. Avoid bright colors on the screen.

On apps that have dark mode, use it. Most browsers have dark mode nowadays.

Disable Apps

Have you ever thought about disabling an app on your phone? The disabling function on smartphones is one of the least used features. Disabling apps is a great way of saving power on your phone.

Disabled apps do not use the battery. In the end, you reduce strain on the battery, which in turn increases its lifespan. Begin to disable apps that you rarely use on your phone.  Let your phone have as few apps as possible.


Increasing your phone’s battery lifespan is mostly about avoiding extremes. Extreme highs and lows strain your battery and wear it out fast. If you want to use your phone for long without having battery issues, it is time to alter how you use your phone.