How to Hide your Phone Number on Whatsapp

Though it is technically impossible to hide your phone number on Whatsapp, there is a way you can beat their system. You will still be using a phone number but nobody will be able to access you.

Just to warn you, don’t use this trick to carry out illegal activities. Respect other people’s privacy. This trick is only for people who want to reduce unnecessary disturbances.

Maybe you are receiving too many calls and those people tell you they found your phone number on Whatsapp. Maybe you want to hide your phone number on Whatsapp so that nobody can disturb you.

But Whatsapp does not allow that since you need your phone number to sign up in the first place. But this trick will solve all your problems.

The Trick

Instead of wasting time looking for a way to hide your phone number on Whatsapp, go get a new phone number. If your country demands that you register your phone number, you can get a free phone number online.

Once you have your new phone number, delete your current Whatsapp account. Note that it will remove you from all groups.

Then sign up to Whatsapp using the new phone number that you have acquired. Once you are done setting up Whatsapp with the new number, remove it from your phone.

Insert your normal sim card and resume your Whatsapp usage. You will still need group Admins to add you to your groups and they may save your number.

Tell them not to announce your identity when they are adding you back to the group. Or else everything you have done will go to waste.

Also remember to use a unique name that none of the group members know. If you use your real name on the new Whatsapp account, your friends in the group will still know you.

Also remember to use a strange profile picture that none of your friends recognize. Most of them will still have your original phone number on Whatsapp.

Having used this trick, you will be able to use Whatsapp but nobody can call you or text you. However, the downside of this trick is that people can still distrurb you with unnecessary texts and calls on Whatsapp.

If that happens, block them using the block feature on Whatsapp.


It is hard to fully contain nuisance calls and texts on Whatsapp. You can not entirely hide your phone number when you are using Whatsapp. But the good thing is that you can use this trick to secure yourself.

Just to mention again, don’t use this trick to carry out illegal things on Whatsapp. For other cool Whatsapp tips and tricks, subscribe to our newsletter.