How to Deal with the Use of Cell Phones in Church

The use of mobile phones in churches has become a topic of debate in recent times. Some Christians are okay with using phones in the church claiming it is not a sin. Other Christians feel cell phones defile the holy house of God.

It is common to hear some members of the congregation murmur when the pastor condemns the use of cell phones in church. Some church members even change churches to avoid being restricted from using their cell phones in church.

What is the right thing for church leaders to do concerning the use of mobile phones in church? Should they ban them completely or allow them? Do phones really defile God’s house?

What is the Purpose of going to Church?

The solution to this dilemma begins at home. What is the primary reason why people go to church? The scriptural agenda of going to church is to fellowship with one another, to worship God with other believers.

If the reason for going to church is to worship God with other believers, do we need cell phones to accomplish this? The obvious answer is no. However, phones may play some roles in making the worship much easier.

Searching Scriptures

With smartphones, you can search for scriptures much easily than when using a hardcopy bible. Bibles on our phones and tablets have features that enable us interact with the bible better than a hard copy bible.


Using mobile phones in church for communication is beneficial at times. In case you want to meet someone after the service, a text message asking him to remain is all he needs. There are many instances where communication in church is beneficial.

Sharing God’s word

During the service, a pastor may mention a scripture that you wish to share with others on social media. If you post it on social media, it will be beneficial for those who see it. It can even change someone’s life.

Cell Phone regulations in Church

It is clear that cell phones can be beneficial when used in church. However, there is also a possibility for cell phones to be a distraction in church. Therefore, every church must come up with a policy to govern the use of cell phones in church.

No use of Cell Phones Unless Asked to

When congregants come to church, they have to abide by the rules of the church regardless of their opinion. It will be good if every church specifies when congregants can use their phones.

If it is time to read scriptures, the leader can ask the members to read from their smartphones. However, let the church recommend for its members to buy hard copy bibles.

There is a greater chance of people being distracted if they use their phones to read the bible than if they use a hard copy bible.

All Phones must be on Silent Mode

This is so obvious. Distractions in the form of phone calls and notifications can make the service chaotic. If possible, let ushers remind members to switch off their phones when they get into church.

If someone is expecting a call in the middle of the service, let him have his phone on vibration mode rather than on normal mode.

Keep Brightness Level as Low as Possible

If someone is using a phone in church and the screen is very bright, there is likelihood the people around him will be distracted. Let the church leadership insist members to have their screen brightness as low as possible.

Phones will be confiscated for Law breakers

Let the congregation know the rules and that whoever breaks any of the rules will have to pay. For anyone who violates these laws let his cell phone be taken away until the end of the service.

It sounds harsh to do this in the house of God, but it is better than making the house of God a place of lawlessness.

Speak to Church Members

Before enforcing the above policies and regulations, the church leaders should talk to their members why they feel the use of cell phones in church is bad. Allow members to have a say in the matter before you make a conclusion.

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Let the congregants know that by choosing to come to church, they have chosen to put aside their affairs for the time they will be in church. If they don’t want to put aside their affairs, let them stay at home.


Every place has its own rules. Regardless of who we are, we have to live by the laws. A church is no different. If a church has set rules on how we are to use cell phones, let us obey them or walk out politely if we can’t keep them.