How to Carry Your Phone While Working Out

If you love working out, you know just how challenging it is to carry your phone during your workouts. Many innovators have tried to come up with solutions to this problem but most of them fall short. As an individual, you may have thought about some DIY solutions to carrying your phone while working out to no avail.

If this is your problem, there is hope. You may have tried to carry your phone in many ways while running but probably you have not tried some of these solutions. See if you can end your problems using one of these techniques.

Free Mode

You may never have thought about this method but it is the most basic. What if you leave your phone at home when you go to work out? Seems tough, right? Well, you can make it an easy decision if you add a few elements.

What do you use your phone for while working out? To check your times, calories, direction etc, right? Now, can you substitute some of the main functions that you need with a physical device? For example, instead of carrying your phone to check time, can you buy a cheap stopwatch?

If possible, sacrifice some of the unnecessary parameters that you track. Unless all the parameters you measure are very important, you can forego them. It may seem like a daunting task but if you do it on several occasions, you will get used to it.

If you are a fan of listening to music while running, you can switch to an old-school Mp3 player that is light and easy to carry. If possible, try to work out without music. Many people do it. Focus on your running and other things you have learnt if you attend meditation classes.


Using straps is one of the most common ways of holding your phone while working out. Straps range from armbands to waistbands. Some people tuck their phones in their pair of socks. The challenge with using different types of straps to carry your phone is that it is hard to get the straps to fit perfectly.

Most of the time, the straps are either too tight or too loose. If they are too tight, they suffocate your arm and if they are too loose, they fall off. Getting it right is difficult. Also, straps may not fit all types of smartphones. Some smartphones are big and heavy.

When you run, the phone’s weight eventually pulls off the straps. However, you can find the latest straps that have a good design that allows free movement but still holds your phone firmly in place.

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Natural Way

What if you try to carry your phone in the hand while running? Many people do jogging while carrying their phones in the hand. It is a huge risk especially if you trip. Chances are you will badly damage your phone.

The other downside of holding your phone in the hand while running is that your fingers cramp after sometime. The best practice is to change hands frequently during your run. The advantage of holding your phone in the hand while working out is that it is cheap and easy.

You can check your time on the phone without much struggle. Buy a good phone case if you decide to hold your phone in the hand while working out. That way, in case your phone slides from the hand, it won’t be badly damaged.

Pocketing Your Phone

If you run with clothes that have pockets, consider putting your phone in those pockets. It is an easy way to hold your phone while running although it has one huge downside. The phone dangles in the pocket and may easily fall out. In addition, when the phone is dangling in the pocket, it makes you very uncomfortable.

If there was a way to strap your phone in the pocket, that would be a good thing. You can buy small pockets that fit your phone and strap them to your running shorts. You simply iron them on your shorts and wait for about 10 minutes and they will stick.


Unfortunately, there is no best way to hold your phone while running. Everyone will have his own preferences depending on their circumstances. Whatever way you choose to carry your phone during your workouts, make sure it works well for you.

In the end, remember working out is more important than carrying your phone. If you cannot find a suitable way to carry your phone while working out, don’t stop working out. It is better to abandon your phone but do the running.