How to Block Robocalls on Landline Phones for Good

If you have a landline phone, chances are you have received a robocall before. The number of robocalls has greatly increased over the years. In 2018 alone, there were 26.3 billion spam calls. The number went up from 18.1 billion in 2017. If you are receiving spam calls, you are not alone.

Smartphones can easily combat spam calls thanks to the hundreds of apps available. For landline phones, it is tough to handle unwanted robocalls. Several options are available to help you block spam calls on landline phones. However, each of these methods has its own downsides that may still annoy you.

Despite the shortcomings of the technology to block robocalls on landline phones, the following are options worth considering.

Use In-built Call Blocker

Most landline phones come with space to block unwanted calls. The exact procedure you need to follow to block unwanted calls varies depending on the brand of the landline phone you are using. In general, the option to block a number is in settings under call settings.

In other landline phones, you can simply select the phone number that called you and the phone will give you an option to block it. Here is a detailed guide to block unwanted calls on Panasonic landline phones.

Once you add a specific number to the block list of your landline phone, you will never receive a call from that phone number again. The phone will automatically shut down the calls without ringing. However, on some landline phones, customers complained that the phone still rings at least once even when the number is blocked.

Other landline phones still light up when a blocked number calls even though they don’t ring. Whatever your case may be, at least the phone itself can help you fight against robocalls. And the good thing about it is that it is free of charge.


The disadvantage of using the in-built call blocker is its limited capacity. It is rare to find any landline phone that can block more than 250 phone numbers. Most of the landline phones only block about 100 numbers.

With the number of robocalls in thousands, it is impossible to rely on the in-built phone blocking function to block them. Unfortunately, some landline phones do not have the call-blocking feature. If you want to block robocalls on your landline forever, consider other options.

Use the National Spam Call Block Registry

The Federal Trade Commission allows you to register your phone number with them so that they block robocalls for you. To register with them, visit their website. Being a government agency, their services are free of charge.


The FTC blocks most telemarketers when you add your phone number to their register. However, they have their own flaws. They still allow some companies to call you. Charity companies, political groups, survey groups and debt collectors may still call you. The FTC has detailed instructions on how this works on their website.

The FTC may also fail to block some robocalls coming to your landline. They have a huge number of customers to help and that is understandable. Blocking robocalls using the Federal Trade Commission is the best way to block robocalls free of charge.

Use Software to Block Robocalls

Using software to block robocalls on landline phones is not very efficient. Most landlines are not compatible with such software. The most common app you can try is called Nomorobo. It is a common app and most people use it to block unwanted calls on their landlines.

However, it only works with landlines that work with VoIP. If you have a landline that uses the copper cables, you cannot use this app. The app is free of charge to use.

The disadvantage of this app is that your phone will ring at least once before it blocks the robocall. Even if it is a known robocall number calling you, your phone will still ring. The app blocks the call on the second attempt.


Blocking robocalls on landline phones may prove to be hard work. On election years, the calls are even worse. The above ways can help you combat spam calls on your landline phone but may not necessarily eliminate them.

The best way to stop spam calls on your landline forever is by using the technique that blocks up to 16,000 robocalls with one press of a button. With this technique, once you block a number, you will never get a call from it again. It might be the thing that shuts down robocalls for good.