How Most People Lose Their Smartphones Nowadays

If you are reading this article, chances are you have lost a phone before. There are unlimited ways to lose your smartphone but some of these ways are more common than other ways. If you have lost your phone more than once, it is likely you lost your phone in one of these ways.

We all hate that feeling of losing our phones. So much is invested in the phones that losing them feels like a chronic disease has crippled you. All of a sudden, you have to recover contacts of your friends. Your money transactions are gone and you cannot tell how much you had in the account.

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A dark cloud covers you. You regret all the times you wanted to upload your photos to Google drive but you postponed. The sweet photo you took with your partner is gone for good. Absorbing the pain of losing a phone can be hard indeed.

The list of the regrets of losing a phone has no end. But if you can be a little more care careful with how you carry your phone, you can avoid the pain of losing your phone. It is obvious you cannot fully be safe from losing your phone but you can minimize the risk.

Three Most Common Ways in which People Lose Phones


Dropping phones is a common way of losing cell phones. It does not matter where you are, once you drop your phone, chances are you will not find it again. Someone else may pick it up and sell it or give it back to you if you are lucky.

The challenge with finding a phone after dropping it is that you realize when it is too late. For example, your phone slides out of your pocket when you are in a taxi. You will only realize you do not have your phone when you get out of the taxi.

By that time, the cab is gone and so is your phone. All you can do is pray that the person who finds it will be good enough to give it back to you.

Dropping phones is likely if you keep your phone in pockets that have no zip. Trouser pockets are the worst offenders when it comes to losing phones. Shallow pockets that barely take in the phone will cost you countless phones.

Another common scenario in dropping cell phones is when people buy new clothes. Somehow, people drop phones more when they put them in pockets of new clothes. Be careful when you put your cell phone in the pocket of your new trouser.


The second common way of losing smartphones is by forgetting. Forgetting is very similar to dropping only that it is more stupid. Losing a phone by forgetting is more about a person’s stupidity than bad luck.

People forget their phones in funny ways. Some will visit a fast food restaurant, put their phones on the table then walk out and leave it there. If they are lucky to remember soon enough, they rush back and find it.

Others leave their phones in gardens where they were resting, in washrooms, in taxis, in offices they visit and pretty much every place they step their foot. It is hard to understand why we forget but it happens many times.

To guard against losing your phone by forgetting, be in the habit of keeping your phone at one place. Your mind will be quicker to realize your phone is missing if you are used to keeping it at one place.


Losing your phone from attacks is less common but it is harder to deal with than dropping and forgetting. Attacks range from meeting thugs on the street to someone stealing your phone in a nightclub.

How many times have you heard people complain of having lost their phones while partying at their friend’s house? ‘Friends’ may steal your phone. Anytime you are in the company of people you don’t trust so much, you are at risk of losing your phone by attack.

Preventing losing phones by attack is tough since we find ourselves surrounded by strangers so many times. Anyone can be the thief who is after your phone. Just pray that disaster does not befall you.


Losing phones is common and it does not have to surprise you. Take time and backup important information you have on your phone just in case you become a victim someday. Consider buying a secondary phone, preferably a push button phone that will be your backup if you lose your smartphone.

Some people recommend buying a cheap phone so that you don’t feel much pain when it is lost but that is a personal decision. Unfortunate times in life come and you have to live with them.