Your cell phone can ruin your relationship in ways you never expected. You must learn to use your mobile phone to build your relationship by reading an article like; How cell phones can improve your romantic relationship.

These are the most common ways in which our cell phones destroy our romantic relationships.

1. Video Game Addiction

Though women get easily hooked to games, men have a stronger addiction.

A partner addicted to gaming will forego important relationship activities like cooking, and playing with children just to play games.

It becomes frustrating to the other partner who feels left out in the relationship. They feel games are more important than they are.

Quarrels become the order of the day as your relationship edges closer to its end.

2. Watching Pornography

Porn is harmful to your relationship. Sadly, statistics show only 22.3% of men and 26.3% of women believe porn is harmful to a relationship.

Mobile phones have made porn accessible to many people in relationships. According to pshychology today, the problems that porn brings to a relationship include:

  • Infidelity
  • uncommitted partners
  • cheating

Using your mobile phone to watch porn is a sure way to end your romantic relationship. It may take time but eventually, it will crash.

3. Taking Your Phone to Bed

Bedtime should be a time to connect for you and your partner. Carrying cell phones to your bedroom adds unnecessary distractions to your private time.

A notification alert will draw your attention from your partner even if you did not intend to.

Everybody hates it when you snub them because of a cell phone, let alone your partner.

Put your phone on silent mode if you must carry it to your room.

4. Trespassing Your Privacy

You will find yourself in trouble if you post your private relationship photos on social media. It may be okay for you, but your partner does not want it.

You may chat with your friend how yesterday’s kiss was, which your partner considers breaching privacy rules of your relationship.

Avoid passing sensitive information about your relationship. Even to your closest friends. Ask your partner before sharing information regarded as private.

Smartphones can really tempt you to post your recent Betsey Johnson necklace your husband bought you on social media without his permission.

5. Social Media Addiction

social media platformsSpending hours scrolling your phone will definitely take its toll on your relationship. The intention of sites like Instagram and Pinterest is to get you addicted to them.

They will easily hook you to looking at ‘just one last photo’. Abstain from excessive use of social media.

A post on My domaine explains how you can take caution when using social media in your relationship.

The article warns you to be careful with social media especially when your relationship is still in its early stages.


Yes, your phone can dramatically ruin your relationship. But the best thing you can do is train your heart to treasure your relationship.

With a good heart, you will easily use all resources around you to build your relationship including your cell phone.