how cell phones improve relationshipsWe have made it look like cell phones only have a negative impact on our relationships. But that is not the case.

With proper guidelines, our cell phones can make our romantic relationships flourish. We should stop perceiving cell phones as relationship killers and use them to make our marriages come to life.

Smartphones will only ruin your relationship if you break cell phone rules in relationships. Use your phone in the following six ways to make your romantic relationship shine.

1. Communicate Frequently

Mobile phones are of great help in long distance communication. Use your phone to communicate with your partner when you are not close.

Make your communications frequent. Your partner must be the person you talk to most on your phone. Pass information even about little things.

Frequent communication between partners makes them more intimate. Do it and see the difference.

Unlike the old ages where phones were not common and long distance communication would take days, nowadays we can pass information within seconds.

Text her ‘I love you’, ‘Can’t wait to kiss you’, ‘I really miss you’ or even ‘Have a cheerful day’.

Most of the time, we assume we do not need to text our partners because we have been together moments ago.

But such surprises are the sweetest.

Imagine you have just left your house after kissing your spouse then she texts you saying ‘I really miss your kiss baby!

Proper communication on phones will build your phone more than you can imagine. Talk to them how your day is progressing.

For example, you were visiting your cousin. When you arrive at your cousin’s place, tell your partner.

When your cousin serves food, you may text something like ‘Darling, hope you have plans for your lunch. I’m enjoying chicken tikka masala here’.

The intention of making cell phones was to make communication easy; use it to build your romantic relationship.

2. Download Love Songs

To keep your partner happy, you must have surprises. Why don’t you download sweet love songs instead of downloading endless wallpapers all the time?

At night before you go to bed, say you have something to tell your partner. Then bring up the love song you downloaded.

Download hundreds of love songs available on the internet.

3. Customize Love Pictures

customized love picture You can use these 10 free photo-editing apps to edit your photos. Pick one of your partner’s pictures and add romantic messages to them.

Surprise him with those pictures. You can send them to him directly or you can set them as wallpaper on your phone and show it to him.

Use such love pictures as your profile photos on social media just to show your partner you really love her.

Using romantic photos of your partner will send a clear message to other people who your only one is. Your partner will hardly think of you cheating on him.

4. Search for recipes online

Treat your love with special meals. Get free recipes that are easy to prepare for him. You can choose to prepare when your partner is not around.

Let him come and find food already prepared.

Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! That is the key to having a happy marriage.  Cook food that will make him always want to be at home.

Make him your captive using his stomach. Let your phone help you out.

5. Do shopping online

Women love shopping. Take time with your spouse and do shopping together from your house.

Go to Amazon and scroll through millions of products with your partner. Discuss what you need to buy just as you would do if you were in a physical supermarket.

Then the time you would have spent on the road, use it to make love. Kissing and caressing.

A good idea right?

But remember the delivery man is coming!

6. Work on your phone

To sustain a relationship, you need money. However, we often get busy looking for money that we forget to spend time with our partners.

Your phone can earn you a full income to sustain your relationship if you do the right businesses.

You can get more information from our previous article 3 Ways you can make a full-time income working entirely on your phone.

If you manage to earn money on your phone, you will have more time to spend with your partner while earning a full income at the same time.

Working from home is a major boost to your relationship.

Cases of having affairs at work will not be there. Try your best so that both of you have enough time together because you were meant to be together!

If you faithfully do the 6 points mentioned above, you will see a big positive change in your relationship. Do as many as you can.

However, don’t try to do all of them at once. Begin with one until you master it before you move to the next.


If you do not live by cell phone rules in your relationship, you will break your precious relationship.

Remember to value your partner more than your phone always. I wish you the best in your relationship!