I don't care about harmful effects of mobile phonesAn increase in smartphones comes with its own problems; spreading the fear of harmful effects of mobile phones. According to GSMA Intelligence, there were 5.11 billion mobile users at the time of writing of this article.

Most harmful effects of mobile phones are on our health. Scientists claim phones produce harmful radiations to our bodies. They recommend you should buy a cell phone radiation shield.

Reading these scientific reports brings fear to many people. You easily start speculating how you will be struggling with your health in a few years to come.

But I am here to help you. I will give you solid reasons why harmful effects of mobile phones should not bother you at all!

If you are a scientist or you support scientific research, get a helmet. It’s going to be rough! I promise.

Here are the reasons…

1. You Will Use Your Phone Anyway

No matter how many scary pieces of research on harmful effects of mobile phones you read, you will still use your phone. You can’t easily avoid it.

And guess what, the world is getting hooked to mobile phones more and more. If you stop using your phone, how else will you communicate efficiently? Don’t be a fool.

2. Hazards of Mobile Phones Exist, So What?

Mobile phones produce radiations that are harmful to our health, so do cars produce emissions that cause respiratory diseases. We can’t avoid them.

Just accept that is what we have made our world to be. Poison everywhere.

Even if you decide to stay away from your phone, how will you avoid cell phone radiations when you use public transport?

Everyone around you has a phone that produces radiations.

3. Enjoy the Benefits of Cell Phones

Enjoy earning money on your cell phoneYou will only depress yourself if you focus on the harmful effects of mobile phones. Think of how cell phones can make you happier in life.

I wrote an article about how mobile phones can improve your romantic relationship. Read such articles and forget about the scientific researches that only depress you.

There are so many benefits of mobile phones. The problems that come from cell phones can’t match the benefits.

4. Most Harmful Effects of Mobile Phones are Only Speculations

Scientists love attention. They want to be highly regarded. So they will find a way to scare you as much as they can.

I have been using mobile phones for over 5 years and 90% of problems related to cell phone use have never bothered me.

In the long run, I may suffer more problems but that doesn’t bother me at all! I am using my phone to make money and live like a king!

Sincerely speaking, how many people do you know that have been hospitalized because of smartphone radiations?

5. There are Bigger Problems to Worry About

atomic bomb effectIt is better to worry about the nuclear plans of North Korea than waste your energy worrying about your phone.

Global warming is a much more sensitive issue than radiations from cell phones.

Will you worry about these petty issues of how mobile phones affect your health over how you will clear your student loan debt?

The world has enough problems already. Please, don’t add us anymore.

Ignore! Ignore! Ignore! If you want a happy life, ignore people who scare you with harmful effects of mobile phones.

However, there are exceptions to these problems. Avoid the following problems because they are not ‘small problems’. They do kill.


1. Social Media Addiction

selfie meme

If you cannot control how often you use social media, then that is a serious problem. Seek help from counselors.

If your relationship is about to break because of cell phone addiction, stop your addiction.

2. Pornography Addiction

Mobile phones have facilitated the spread of porn. Being addicted to porn is dangerous to your relationships.

If your phone causes you to peep at porn sites every minute, start working to save yourself.

3.Fraud on Cell Phones

If you use your phone to steal from people and hack systems, that is wrong. You will end up in jail. That is misusing your phone.


As you may have realized, big problems don’t come from mobile phones. They come from the hearts of people.

If your heart is evil, you will use your phone to your own destruction. Find reasons to enjoy owning a phone rather than focusing on problems.

If you have a different opinion, you are free to smash me with your comments! I have my helmet ready!