Hamilton Captel 2400i Captioned Telephone Review

Mobile phones are the most basic devices we use to communicate with others over long distances. However, for people with hearing impairment it is difficult to use normal phones for communication. Elderly people also struggle to communicate using normal phones.

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Most of them are either hearing impaired or have poor vision. Finding a good phone for seniors to use is hard. Most phones claim to offer help but in the end, they are a disappointment. Certainly, no phone is perfect but at least a phone made for an elderly person must meet certain conditions.

For example, the sound of a phone made for an elderly person must be excellent for them to stand a chance to hear their callers. The phone also must be easy enough to use for such a group of people. Thanks to technology, elderly people now have phones made specifically for them and they actually deliver!

One of such phones is the Hamilton Captel 2400i Captioned Telephone. It is not the only captioned telephone available but it is one of the best because of how it works. Here is its full review answering questions you may have.

How is the Sound?

One of the key things on a phone for the hearing-impaired seniors is its sound. On this Hamilton Captel 2400i, the sound is excellent. Most customers who bought this phone for their hearing-impaired parents reported that they did not need to adjust anything for their parents to hear them well.

The sound is almost perfect out of the box. Most people will actually not need the captions because the sound is good enough. The ringing volume is loud. There is nothing to complain about it.

One drawback about the sound of this Hamilton Captel 2400i is that you get some echoes when you talk to a caller. The echoes are not so bad but they are there. The callers can still hear you well. Anyway, this captioned telephone does better than most other captioned phones.

How are the Captions?

The captions are the main feature on this phone. The caption screen is 10 inches wide. A good size for a display dedicated to seniors. There is nothing to worry about the brightness and clarity of this phone. Only a blind person will not see the captions on this screen.

Most people with vision impairment will find this screen very comfortable to use. The captions are written in a huge font just as you would expect on this type of a phone. The captions show up pretty fast when the caller is talking and the accuracy is impressive.

Of course, the captions depend on the internet speed in your house. You can save the captions to read them at a later time. An awesome feature if you want to get clarification from a previous conversation.

How easy is it to Use this Captioned Telephone?

Setting up this Hamilton Captioned Telephone is in between easy and hard. Some elderly people will struggle if they are to set it up on their own. But for any ordinary person with a little of tech knowledge, setting up this phone is easy.

Setting it up is just a matter of knowing where to fix which cable. If something does not work, quickly read instructions in the manual and sort it out. For serious issues beyond the basic setup procedure, customer care agents will assist you. It is rare though for setting up to go to such extents.

The caption screen is touch-sensitive. Navigating on it is simple and as easy as navigating on a phone can get. However, some seniors may struggle a bit with the touch screen. Certainly, nothing big can go wrong on the screen.

The buttons on this Captioned phone are big and decently spaced. Just by looking at them, you can tell this phone is suitable for an elderly person. Most functions can be accessed directly from the buttons without much scrolling through the menu. A significant feature for a phone made for seniors.

From hundreds of reviews written by people who bought this telephone, there is no major complain about the ease of use. A cordless phone such as Clarity XLC 3.4 has hundreds of complaints about its ease of use. It is a struggle even for some tech savvy youngsters.

How much does this Hamilton Captel 2400i Cost?

Now that you know this is a telephone worth buying, the big question is how much will it cost. This telephone retails at varying prices depending on where you buy it. However, expect to pay no more than $100 for a brand new unit.

If you get any seller selling this phone for anything less than $100, grab it for that may be the best price you will ever get for this telephone. Anyway, whatever amount you spend on this phone, it is money you will always appreciate having spent to buy this captioned telephone.

The captioning service is free. FCC will pay for it once you register your new handset with them. There are no hidden charges. Help an elderly person communicate with ease as soon as you can. Buy this phone for your old parents, aunt, uncle and whichever elderly person you know. It is one of the best gifts you can offer them.

What else do I need to Know about this phone?

You must have internet access for you to use this Hamilton captel captioned telephone. The captions are displayed on your screen only if you have internet access. If the internet access is slow, the captioning will also be slow.

You can only use this phone after you have registered it with FCC. This is common sense. Help your senior relatives to register this phone with FCC. You can do it online or through a phone call.

There are no other issues to worry about this captioned Hamilton Captel 2400i. If you have about $100 go right ahead and buy this telephone. Click here to buy it from Amazon.