Greemarc amplidect 295 is a corded and cordless amplified phone. It comes with a corded main phone and a cordless handset.

You can get additional units to expand this phone system to your liking. The two compatible additional handsets are photodect 295 and Amplidect 295.

The manufacturer made the Greemarc amplidect 295 to serve people with low and medium hearing loss. People with severe hearing loss will have to look for an alternative.

Greemarc Amplidect 295 Features

This phone has a speakerphone.

Greemarc 295 supports redials for the last 10 outgoing calls. You will save time especially if you call the same people frequently.

The manufacturer claims the receiving volume can go as high as 30dB while the ringer volume can go to a maximum of 80 dB.

You get the caller ID function on this phone.

Greemarc Amlidect 295 Review

For anyone who has bought this phone before, they will tell how difficult it is to set it up. You will encounter many set up instructions that you must follow to get the phone to work.

Worst of all, the instructions in the manual are vague. It is hard to know exactly what to do. The manual also seems not to carter for the corded main phone.

You set up the Greemarc Amlidect 295 by guessing.

The sound of this phone is not impressive at all. The manufacturer claims this phone serves the hard of hearing but the sound denies that.


When you increase the volume of this phone, it becomes very crackly. You will also barely see the difference in volume between this phone and a normal phone.

The person you talk to on this Greemarc phone can barely hear you clearly.

A caller cannot leave a message on the phone if the answering machine is off. The phone simply goes off and you miss the call.

When you press the buttons on this phone, the phone momentarily delays before responding. It may be annoying if you want to dial a number fast.

Another annoying thing is you cannot share contacts between the main phone and the additional handset. You will have to re-enter the same contacts in the handset if you need them.

You can mount this phone on the wall.


You will get so many frustrations if you buy this phone. It barely delivers whatever it promises.

You will be better off if you find an alternative to the Greemarc amplidect 295. Do not be part of the reviewers who will write the next complaints.